Why do we feel fear?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 9, 2020

Everyone has fears. Not just humans, but other creatures too! Where does the fear inside us come from and why do we have such fears and anxieties? Can we rid ourselves of all such fears and anxieties and their effects? Important questions for our health, well being and ability to perform well in life. We can have the feeling of fear, but most of the times, we ourselves are not sure why or from where it comes. It can be healthy, but can be destructive and debilitating.

Fear is a conditioned feeling- conditioned in us today from earliest childhood. However, fear existed in beings before there were human beings. It even exists in animals other than humans. It is believed to be an active part in the evolution of the human race over many centuries of time. Fear originally was meant to be a fight or flight response to the emotion of stress upon facing life threatening risks and dangers. With the passage of time, life evolved and the emotion of fear became more embedded in the psyche and psychology of human beings and now plays as an active and recurring emotion in many cases. Fear when overpowers, becomes a construct of the person’s mind and emotions.

You would surely agree with me here that many of our fear constructs are totally irrational. The fear is triggered mainly from the brain, from the primitive parts. Let us understand that most of the fears we have, are registered in the mind and brain as separate situations depending upon the individual nature, conditioning, experiences, perceptions, habits, attitude and approach. This is why different people are fearful of different things. If a person’s parents are fearful of certain conditions or events these fears are often transferred to their children

While you may not have the power to control them, you have the power to determine your thoughts and feelings about them. The power to determine how you respond to them. There are many different fears that can be accumulated, developed and sometimes transferred to others during the course of a person’s lifetime. They become constructs in the depths of the mind. Alternatively, they do not have to become realities if we have the will to deny them.

It is essential for you to know that it is not the fear that controls us. You are in charge of your life! Practice to stay focused and have a strong, determined mind! Get in touch with Living In Wellbeing to get assistance to lead towards self-healing and growth! You can get in touch with us any time you feel the need!

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