Why Do Innocent People Suffer?

Dr. Purushothaman
April 2, 2023

Sometimes the world is not a kind people. Often innocent people are at the suffering end. The suffering comes to innocent people in many ways. When we draw comparisons in life who suffered the most, we often notice kind-hearted people are mostly at the receiving end. Why does this happen? Are they at fault or they just have bad luck? When we look into the details we find that they are victims of exploitation, abuse, cheating, etc.

Most of the time innocent people are at the suffering end because they have no malicious intentions against anyone. They believe that people around them think just as they do. They feel no one can do wrong to them since they have good feelings for them. Innocent people are often struck with fraud, cheating, etc. because they believe other people to be true and honest.

Another reason why innocent people suffer is that they do not fight back. Most of the innocent people are victims of corruption, exploitation, etc. When they understand that they are going through something wrong, instead of opposing they keep on following the orders of the wrongdoers. The inability to fight back hurts them the most and they end up suffering.

Many a time people suffer various miserable experiences due to known and unknown causes. It may be due to their past actions. It may be a reflection of the things they had done with good or bad intentions. We are living in a world full of negative events, situations & challenges. We are always affected by these negativities. So whatever may be the cause or reason many a time many people suffer many things in life.

Sadly, innocent people suffer but the people who abuse them fail to understand the price of losing their love and nurturing relationship. The innocent people who are victims of various wrong acts are not selfish and they even have the big heart to forgive other people. The best we can do as humans are to love and respect other people. We must treat other people the way we want to get ourselves treated. If at any point in life, you are suffering emotionally or mentally, you may get in touch with Living In Wellbeing’s expert counsellors and involve yourself in motivational and inspirational talk with us.

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