Why do I feel anxious?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 16, 2020

People tend to get nervous or self-conscious while speaking in public or to new people. This be termed as a social anxiety disorder. It involves intense fear in unfamiliar situations. This situation can be so frightening that even the mere thought of it can cause severe anxiety, disrupting daily life.

The root of anxieties is the fear of scrutiny, judgment, evaluation or public embarrassment. One fears that if he doesn’t measure up to the expected standards, he would be subject to criticism. Even though these fears are somewhat expected, they can cause severe anxiety.

Social Anxiety Disorder is quite common. A number of people struggle with this nervousness. Situations triggering this disorder can vary from person to person. Some people face this in social situations. For others, it is linked to some very specific social events, for instance, talking to strangers, socializing at parties, public performances, etc.

It is noteworthy here that a person who gets nervous in social situations doesn’t necessarily suffer from this disorder or a phobia. Many people get self-conscious sometimes, but that doesn’t get in the way of their everyday life. However, a person who does suffer from this phobia is unable to go through his life normally. Such a person obsesses over a social events weeks before its occurrence, get the jitters before speaking, starts shaking when asked to speak publicly, etc. Such people often make excuses to get out of events and public interactions.

This phobia is not uncommon in children, but children suffering from a social anxiety disorder experience a lot of stress over everyday activities like playing games with other kids, taking tests, speaking to teachers or classmates, reading in class, etc. Children with this disorder often avoid going to school to avoid social engagements.

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