Why Are People Tested in Aptitude Skills Before Recruitment?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

The number of unemployed people in India is large. So, for one vacancy in a company even 500 people maybe competing. How will recruiters filter one person from such a large crowd? Or if two people have equal skills and talents, then who to select?

When such questions come to mind, recruiters use aptitude tests. These tests is one way of filtering the best candidate from a large pool of candidates. It mostly reduces the stress and strain of the recruiter. But, sometimes candidates who are experts in technology or in their chosen field can fail a test. In that case, there is an argument about the importance and value of these tests.

Nevertheless, many companies conduct tests for computer programmers, software testers, and network engineers. This is because, these jobs include complex tasks that need good logical thinking skills. If the project is for a bank or aeronautical company then the programmer may have to do coding for lot of mathematical functions. So, this mathematical skill is tested as quantitative aptitude. Generally the tests will contain questions on quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability. Verbal ability is tested because people in the software field have to coordinate with international clients. Good writing and English speaking skills are needed even for domestic clients. Good language skills create a good first impression. Proposal writing, client communication, and deal making - everything needs good verbal ability. So verbal skills are tested.

Aptitude tests are not like IQ tests or Intelligence Quotient tests, where your intelligence is tested. Aptitude skills are used to test how well you are suited for a particular job. Companies can test your aptitude for mechanical jobs, aptitude for creativity, aptitude for socializing, and aptitude for decision-making.

In the corporate sector, time is money. Aptitude tests shows how fast a person can think and take decisions. That is why every aptitude test comes with a tight time limit to solve. Only if you are very smart, you can give right answers to all the questions in the specified time.

In the absence of these tests the selection of candidates maybe based on the discretion of HR managers or other interviews. This short time to judge a candidate may sometimes misfire.

So, while these tests maybe time-consuming, it reduces the recruitment cycle time and filters a person with all-around skills. Knowing the need for aptitude skills, SLA IT Employment Training Company trains their students in Aptitude skills. So, students who finish their hardware, software, and networking courses at SLA, also get complete training.


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