Why Acceptance Can Make You Strong

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

Acceptance is the downfall of heroes and the rise of others. Acceptance is very confusing as it can be one of the most positive actions to take or one of the most negative ones.

In the course of life, situations will determine the road for us; decisive moments that would bring us from the brink of failure; decisions that would show us the light and others that would risk our careers and lives. While decisions determine the course of life, the most reoccurring decision is acceptance.

There are times when acceptance is the only path to move forward in life, but sometimes it would be the cause to stop moving in the first place and fall into the pits of regret. When you have the ability to accept or not, then most of the blame will fall on you. There might be no definite answer whether acceptance is a good thing or not, but in every situation, when the decision ultimately comes to oneself and they choose to let go of what is rightfully theirs and accept the fact that it was taken away against their will, it is for sure one of the reasons why people stop where they are and why others move on despite of the pain and suffering they might have gone through.

When one is put in a situation where has nowhere but to accept a loss, or an end of a relationship or a promotion that did not go their way, they must first prepare mentally to keep going forward and not stop where they are, or else they have only verbally or physically accepted it, but to accept it mentally and emotionally is the only way they will move forth in life and prepare and plan for something bigger and better.

The mistakes we do in life will end up in regret or in acceptance and satisfaction. Of course, it might seem hard to accept a mistake you could not forgive yourself for, but this is where your strength comes in and gives you the boost you need in order to achieve the unachievable and exceed your own expectations. The strength acceptance will give you in times of weakness will define you and cement your legacy.

But then, your strength might be the reason you cannot accept a loss in competition or allow things to go on without interrupting them and that is weakness itself. Whereas you cannot let go of things that happened and you need to stop them from existing, the past remains in the past and the ability to accept that will give you more power, but if you cannot let it go then you stop where you are.

And when the time comes for you to hear news that you did not see coming, expect or prepare for, you might reject the news, but eventually, they will be accepted whether you like it or not and the way you deal with them will be the way that will define your standpoint.

Acceptance does not mean that you did not have the power to stop a thing from happening, but rather it means that even though you might have had the strength and will to stop it, you let it go because you saw it was right to. Misunderstanding will get you nowhere. You misunderstand because of your strength, your strength will fade once you begin to accept, and if you understood because of your lack of power, then you will grow stronger and move on.

Those who accept when they have the will to misunderstand get more credit, and those who try harder when they have accepted, get more strength. The hardest situations will end once you let them go if they were inevitable.


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