Where To Find True Happiness In Life And Self Esteem

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

So many people have tried to come up with descriptions both written and spoken to describe the real meaning of happiness but have failed to fully identify what true joy is all about and the sources of it.

The bible describes happiness in several ways but gives the source of it as the creator of the universe and nothing more. Philosophers and psychologist have gone ahead to give their opinions about the source of happiness and yet they are not living a fulfilled life despite having great academic qualifications, huge bank accounts or a spouse of their dreams.
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Therefore, where does true fulfillment come from? And what is true joy in life? Personally, I know that true joy comes from within and not without. What is truly satisfying does not come from what we posses but what we are. When you are fully contented with what you are then you can be considered as being happy.

Contentment is very important since you are able to appreciate and also look for ways to better yourself. In addition, appreciating yourself will enable you to color your life in a better way and hence have self worth, confidence and self esteem.

Being content with what you are at a particular time in life is in fact real happiness. Therefore, you do not need to go far looking for joy because real happiness is deep within you. People who live happy lives are the ones that discovered that the things of this world are but just a passing cloud.


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