When To Approach Anger Management Therapy

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Getting angry is common with every living thing on the planet. A certain canine may get angry when someone tries to steal its bone, a bird can get angry when an unidentified human approaches it nest, a gorilla in the zoo can get angry when it receives it bowl of fruit with shortage of one banana so on and so forth. Anger in the plant kingdom is yet to be identified, but being exposed to the present day environmental conditions, certain species may have developed manners and methods of expressing anger already.

The fact though is that, among all species, it is the anger of humans that have the greatest impact on the continuation of the planet. Say for example, a certain non nuclear country A may always be in apprehension of certain nuclear country B getting angry with the former, and that too for all the right reasons. Similarly, a young lad with bad junior school grades will flee home than face the wrath of his father on seeing his report card. The outcome of calculated or, uncalculated anger may be different but, no one can deny the fact that the impact of both is some form of terror or the other to those on the receiving end. Controlled and calculated anger usually has some constructive cause but, when it comes to uncontrolled, impulsive and uncalculated anger, it could be time to approach professionals of anger management therapy. Obsessive compulsive anger happens to be very destructive in nature and there is no two way about it. The destruction is channeled not just towards other people or, things surrounding the concerned angry person; it is also channeled towards self. This means that obsessive compulsive anger is self destructive which makes it assume the form of a disorder.

The consequences of uncontrollable anger are many and the ways of expression also known no bounds. Domestic violence is the most common consequence of such untamed anger and it goes on to affect each and every member of the family for a lifetime. People who have been the cause of domestic violence and those who have been on the receiving end maintain little scars in their memories that can seldom be eradicated even with therapies. However, the good news is, anger disorders is one of those disorders that can be controlled in the human system. Domestic violence classes Los Angeles and classes of the like help affected people in both ends to overcome anger related issues. It all begins with the concerned holder of the disorder to recognize the he / she has anger problems and develop the will to overcome it with assistance from professionals. Approaching anger management therapy is the first step to extend a positive hand towards healing oneself from the root causes that lead to such violent outbursts of anger. Professionals involved in anger management programs or, specific programs like domestic violence classes Los Angeles offer different types of behavioral counseling, therapies, exercises, activities and even medication, if required.


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