When alertness meet opportunity?

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

In one of the Life programmes, Swami Sukhabodhananda defined the word ‘luck’ as ‘meeting of our alertness on opportunity’. Every one must understand the essence of what Swamiji has meant. Only through such an understanding, people can remove their sorrow and self denying & self pitying belief that ‘I am not so lucky in life’ or ‘someone is always lucky’.
Should we ever call the investors and discoverers in the world as lucky? Will we ever call the noble laureates or achievers as lucky? All of them were very alert in sensing the opportunities around then and hence they could make various discoveries and inventions possible.
The word luck is ‘worldly’ misused and abused by the most like the word ‘love’. The corporate employees lovingly define other person’s luck easily than their own deservedness. According to them, the luck means getting something when one does not deserve or has not even expected. People feel very happy and proud at such moments. Is it really called luck?
Different events or incidents in the corporate world should not be taken as a reference to define or comprehend the term luck. What in the most instances happening in the corporate world is nothing but only the different scenes of the big game.
The word luck one needs to use or relate to life very carefully and it should not be seen as an occasion to celebrate but as a subject to learn as how alert they have to be in sensing different opportunities around them. Luck is not given by others or obtained as serendipity.
Luck is not a tool or knowledge with which one could become successful but only by being alert to various opportunities, one can reach success. Those who do not have the alertness will see no opportunity around them and hence will blame their fate.
Look at the nature, how alert the nature is and so is its creations. If the nature had not sensed the various opportunities in the planet, the species diversity in flora and fauna would not have occurred.
Be alert and be available to the present and sense various opportunities, you will be luckier than anyone in the world. If you wait for a miracle or magic to happen in your life and if you believe only such events are luck, your luck is purely at the mercy of the kindness, reasons, ignorance & stupidity, mistakes of others.
An undeserved candidate is made as a CEO or Vice President in a corporate means, the person who enjoy the privilege may be lucky but it is definitely an ill luck of the organization. Never define such actions as part of luck.
Any event of luck is total and complete. It will be beneficial to all and will not be limited only to some.

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