What Is Success: Success Is Not An Accident

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

What then is the role of lady luck or random chance in this wonderful world of success and happiness?

Does it have a role to play? Do you really have to be in the right spot at the right time to make things happen?

Could SUCCESS happen to just about anyone, anywhere, due to sheer luck of the draw?

At its very roots, this belief is based in pagan ritual and rite and goes back ages. Stars and cards may not dictate happiness and success (or not) for you! (alone)

We are not just random accidents, delivered and victim to our process, circumstances and surroundings. We have a purpose. It does not determine our future and destiny. You may have something to say or a role to play in that yet! You are not off the hook that easily, not by a long shot!

You are definitely NOT born either lucky or unlucky. That is an excuse and what a powerless position to enforce your life and potential from!

Luck, success and happiness is not a birth-right or due to a fluke or stroke of luck. You need and are intended to be somewhere, sometime, for some purpose. Luck is not a skill or a right that includes or excludes some.

Gambling is based on this concept and belief-system and very unfavorable as a life-guideline. It is a numbers game in the end and you can master, get better at it, honestly WIN great fortunes.

For real success in your life, family, relationships, work, future, you cannot realistically have this frame of mind and expect success and happiness in the process.

The onus rests on you to make a difference and tackle the chances and opportunities, even create some along the way that life brings across your path. You cannot just sit back and passively expect things to happen for the better.

Ambition can cloud your vision if you have too much of it. You need to be opportunistic and industrious as well in the process to get the most out of it.

LUCK will not get and guarantee you success and happiness in your life.

Chances will not just come your way. You need to make them, recognize them, active pursue or carve them open. Life will not necessarily come to you on a silver platter, announcing itself to you and the world. You need to make it happen. You have an active, deliberate role to play here.

An elevated sense of self might have you turning down opportunities simply because they are below you (or so you think or mislead yourself into believing).

Luck will not just give you the answers and deliver you from your evils, perils and trouble, YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! There are no chance-like, ready-made solutions, answers or position to get you out of it, by doing NOTHING!

You will loose out on opportunities, if you wait for luck and random chance to deliver success and happiness to you.

Being informed, involved, engaged by choice and NOT DETACHING self from others, environment, happenings, tasks at hand etc. is the way and route to go. Avoid getting the reputation of the genius of the untried. (according to Lord Beaverbrook wisdom).

If you really do plan to succeed and put your mind to it, you just might and will! If you do not try, you will never know. Do not wait for random chance or luck to smile favorably on you. You might end up losing out altogether! Rather make things happen!

Luck means and will pocket you NEXT TO NOTHING!

If you do embrace every opportunity that does end up coming your way, you might just reach new heights and potential that you never thought possible. In so doing, you will be opening windows and doors of new and future opportunities that you did not think possible before.

Seize the day the saying goes! This rings true for real success and happiness. Be deliberate and action, results oriented, focusing in on the chances there and that you can create to be industrious and ambitions!

Even if the knowledge, expertise and judgment is not there, you might just learn something in the process and get better at what you are doing!

Your knowledge and prowess will improve, grow and expand and you will be better off for and with trying than not! In so doing, you will be successful, fulfilled and happy! LUCK will not even be a factor close in your mind or consideration.

It will be YOU, YOUR ACTIONS and pro-active involvement that will make the difference.

LUCK does not determine or guarantee success or happiness. Intuition, speculative guesses and instinct all figure into the gambling or luck-type perspectives on success and achievement.

Instinctively, with fore-sight or gut-feel just knowing something beyond a reasonable doubt is at times held up as a good reliable strategy for success and happiness.

There is nothing mystical or magical, mysterious about this. If you are in touch, thinking clearly, logically and work through things with your mind and heart, you will have feelings, biases and filters at work and present in your decision-making and other processing, how we make sense of, interact and deal with the world around us.

It is NOT MERE INSTINCT or INTUITION! WE are not dismissing their role, but taking it of its pedestal.

Your mind might not be able to make sense of HOW you know, just that you know, that you know! Everyone else will attribute it to luck or random chance, but you know better the truth, efforts, energy, time and what went into both process and outcome.

Superstition and real luck, does not last and cannot be sustained and is therefore not a viable course of action for most. It is unreliable for a personal strategy for success and happiness.

It is fleeting and futile a pursuit. If we are to succeed we are better off believing and pursuing industry creative ideas, ambition, not just luck, random chance or fortune smiling upon us.

Reputation, achievement comes through hard work, not random chance or luck. Hard work and solid judgment, knowledge, skill, discipline and commitment is what will matter most, NOT LUCK!

Ambition and the pursuit of knowledge, life-long learning and on-going mastery, skill-refinement is what will be required to sustain momentum, change, growth, success and happiness! NOT LUCK!

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