What Is Child Behavior

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013


The growing years of a child are perhaps the most difficult a family ever has It is during these years that a child come to terms with various concepts of life, like family belonging, discipline, social norms etc… These further lead to child behavior problems.
Child behavior problems can crop up from anything and everything, and they can be anything. It is necessary to differentiate between mischievous children and child behavior problems. Child behavior problems can occur in toddlers as well as teenagers. Needless to say, toddler behavior problems are a bit simpler as compare to teenage behavior disorders is when children have showed a permanent pattern of hostile, destructive or disruptive behavior toward oneself or towards the society.
There are various behavioral symptoms that are sign of child, teenage and toddler behavior problems, In the case of toddlers, it is a major loss of social and other communication skills. The onset of such behavior problems is at the age of four. Toddlers with such behavior problems may have difficulty pronouncing words and be unable to understand verbal and other communication. The toddlers may also have social of self care skills.
There is no known medical treatment for such behavioral problems in children. However, the proper therapy at the proper time may help solve problems.
If the child starts smoking at a very early age, or if they are consistently lying or cheating, the child may be having behavioral problems. Sometimes, the children may lie for no apparent reason. In short, fooling others would be a game they play. Damaging or destroying property is also one symptom of behavior problem in children. Other than these, if the child skips school regularly, has tantrums and arguments frequent, or willfully damages and destroys property, it is a case of a child behavior problem. One of the most common symptoms of teenage behavior problems if a consistent refusal of listening to authority.
Contrary to popular belief, discipline, let alone corporal discipline is the worst way of combating this child behavior problem. Discipline will simply make the child firmer in his ideas about the entire world being out to get him or her, and therefore force the child to make more drastic measures than refusing of listening to authority.
One of the first things that parents should do to decrease child behavior problems is by having themselves. Make sure that there are little or no spousal or domestic arguments in the presence of children. Children don't do what they don't know, and they usually imitate their elders. If children don't know what arguing is, there are chances they may never find out till they don't have a social group.
A life full of choices is a life best lived. Therefore, parents should start giving their children choices as early as possible. The choices can be as simple as the attire they wish to wear today, or as serious as what they'd do with their pocket money this week.

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