What Is Assertiveness Training?

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Assertiveness training is a training course that equips you with the tools and competencies you require to convey your thoughts, ask for what you want and have healthy constraints in your individual and professional connections. The majority of folks have this theory that this training course is mainly for incredibly timid and reserved men or women, but in my experience it can benefit virtually anybody.

If you’ve previously had a difficult time saying no without feeling in the wrong, standing up for yourself in a challenging scenario or actually just putting your opinions out there, then this training can most definitely help. A great program will train you how you can stand up for yourself when others try to exploit you, the best way to present your thoughts with assurance and how to contend with situations when they crop up.

The Three Major Aims Of Assertiveness Training

Here is what you can expect to find out from a solid assertiveness class:

1. Heightened understanding of your individual rights

A big part of preparing to be more assertive is to be aware of your personal rights. These include the right to request for what you want to have, the right to decline a request without feeling guilty and the right to voice your sentiments and ideas openly. In assertiveness training, you will learn more about the value of these rights and guidelines on how to claim back your personal power by embracing them.

2. The key difference between being aggressive, passive and assertive

Most people are scared that being more assertive will be seen as being hostile and unpleasant to other folks. Consequently, they would prefer to be indirect about their wishes, feelings and sentiments just to be liked and approved by people. In assertiveness training, you will be taught the major distinctions between being aggressive, passive and assertive as well as how you can be assertive yet still be well-mannered towards others.

3. Proven methods to speak assertively and do something about conflicts if and when they arise

Even with an increased knowledge of your individual rights and a sound idea of just what exactly being assertive involves, it can actually still be an effort to express yourself assertively, specifically if you’re fearful of strife. In assertiveness training, you will learn approaches and tips that will help make assertive communication much easier and help you to tackle bad responses from people if they occur.

The Power Of Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness is an important ability, and utilizing the right training it's easy to figure out how to become more assertive both in their individual and professional encounters. Research has shown that assertive people have far better self-assurance, stronger relationships with other people and an entirely better quality of life. These are simply a couple of the many benefits of assertiveness training.

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