What If? Awakening to Our Unlimited Self

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Channeling Mufasa, from Disney's "Lion King," What if? The movie states: Who you really are is far greater than what you're currently experiencing and expressing. Within all of us sits the power to move mountains, manifest instantly, live in the Divine Reality of unconditional love, and be, do, and have everything you could ever want. Why? It's already who you are, you've just learned to limit it. The limitation is placed on us as children and reinforced almost daily throughout our everyday lives. We are all taught the "right" way or the acceptable way to act, live and think according to the social norms in which we grow. Traditionally, individuals who think outside the norm are socially ostracized.

What If? The Movie, created by James A Sinclair, reveals, for the first time in cinematic history, individuals, who have mastered what social consciousness believes is impossible. Re-growing hair, healing terminal disease within weeks, and living without food are all instances of going beyond the conscience capability. The purpose is to remind you that you are unlimited, free, and capable of this and more. We all have the power and the potential to do so much more than we have been led to believe we can do. As this 'knowing' resonates with the truth of your being you begin to awaken to your unlimited Self and release the illusion that you believed was real.

This stunning and inspiring award-winning full-length feature documentary film takes you on a remarkable journey into the minds and hearts of the world's leading visionaries, scientists, and scholars in the hope of activating the knowingness within you,
What if? Gently breaks the news that we have unlimited potential. That the way most of us are expressing ourselves in the world today is only a mere shadow of what we are capable of doing and being.

New possibilities for existence are introduced by asking "what if?" questions, that allow us to consider these possibilities without having to decide right away whether we want to take a deeper interest in them.

History has shown some of mankind's outmoded beliefs, and how we have limiting beliefs programmed into our subconscious mind from an early age--and how we can change this programming. What if? discusses gene activity is controlled by our minds, people who have healed themselves from within, people who live without eating, overcoming aging and death, and last but not least, finding fulfillment from knowing who we really are and expressing our true nature.

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