What I understand about Life


Dr. Purushothaman
February 26, 2017


Life is a journey from birth to death. Its a deep ocean, as we go deeper it deepens more and more. It has several ups and downs. It goes like ECG waves sometimes peak of happiness or sorrow. It can also be compared with sea waves hitting the shore; sometimes it hits sharply or softly. Life is decided by rewards and punishment we get in our childhood days. It teaches us good and bad experiences. It shapes the future of a person by learning from bad experiences and how to tackle it. God has given all of us with a beautiful life so we should not waste it by becoming sad, cruel to the needy people. For becoming a humble person we should always connected to god through prayers.

Prayer should be included as a routine in our day today’s life. It keeps our mind strong. During prayer we get connected to god and there is flow of energy between god and us. If we daily pray we have a faith that god is there to help us. If we have faith in god, to some extent we will not be cruel to people in different situations. During prayer god direct us only good ways to achieve success in life. But during my bad times I used to talk to god why you are giving sadness to me? But my better half used to say that god is testing your faith in him. I have learned many good things from my better half that how much ever good or bad experiences comes through his life he used to always remember god. In everyone’s life there may be some or other to influence, the crucial part is how we take and follow their words in our life. In my life also our parents, teachers, friends and not the least my better half has influenced me a lot. I used to be an average student during my childhood but my parents, teachers and friends boosted me up in various situations. My mother used to push me for my studies. I had stage fear in school days and my teachers used to encourage me to participate for different programs and to some extent my fear was reduced. Our parents have taught me and my better half for helping the needy people. The teachings we both got from our parents will be followed throughout our life.

During my school and college days I was an average student in school or class. But when I started my professional life as lecturer, I used to talk with psychiatric patients and maintained a good rapport with them always. And still now after years if I go and meet them they used to recognise me and even they remember my name. Actually I was surprised by this situation and that I have special place in their hearts. When I was a teacher I used to talk with students regarding their problems and could solve their problems when deep inside my mind there were conflicts.

So I would like to conclude by saying that during life there may be several ups and downs. But the important thing is that how we prepare our mind to face the different situations. For keeping our mind strong and concentrated, prayer, meditation and yoga will help. So everyone should understand your strength and weaknesses. God almighty is there for us to look after all of us. So believe in god and go ahead in life and you will be a successful person. Article by Sneha Ajith, Lecturer, Mother College of Nursing & Freelance writer.

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