What Causes Severe Anxiety Disorder

Dr. Purushothaman
September 24, 2013

Many people now days are suffering from sever anxiety disorder. Every thought about why is it happening? Many people realize the anxiety disorder only at later stages. Eager to know on how to identify the causes for severe anxiety disorder? Are you searching for the answer on: “What causes severe anxiety disorder “. The secret causes have been revealed only to you. Keep reading to find out the causes with which you can identify the anxiety disorder and get cured soon. Here are the secret causes listed below

Major cause no 1: Anxiety and hereditary disorders

Medical researchers have found that severe anxiety disorders pass on from one generation to another. Severe anxiety disorder can be hereditary .This shows that genetic factor plays a very important role for severe anxiety disorder. It has been found that more than 40 % of the severe anxiety disorder is mainly because of hereditary. Hence genetic factor needs to be taken first into account for “what causes severe anxiety disorder “.

Major cause no 2: Chemistry of brain and anxiety disorders

In a major find of the decade for the cause of severe anxiety disorders, it has been found that even a small imbalance in the chemistry of brain can lead to severe anxiety disorders. There are chemical messengers called neuro transmitters which transmit signals from one brain cell to another cell. Hence if the levels of neuro transmitters are low, then it will affect the transmission of messages from one brain cell to the other one.

There are two major neuro transmitters namely norepinephrine and serotonin. Any low levels on any of these two neuro transmitters will lead to severe anxiety disorder. Hence brain chemistry plays a very important role in finding out the cause of severe anxiety disorder.

Major cause no 3: Personality anxiety

In a startling revelation in the medical sciences, the researchers have identified that the personality of a person plays a very crucial role in causing severe anxiety disorder. For example: A man with poor and low esteem and low self belief is prone to suffer from severe anxiety disorder. If a person feels work pressure or work stress, he is more prone to have this severe anxiety disorder. The type of personality of a person reflects the severity of the anxiety disorder. This is a major answer to what causes severe anxiety disorder.

Major cause no 4: Life experiences anxiety

Life experiences of an individual can also spark severe anxiety disorder. Individuals having bad experiences in life are possibly the easy targets for this anxiety disorder. Bad experiences include abuses, bad relationships and also drugs. The most interesting to note is that even coffee which contains caffeine can cause severe anxiety disorder. This is a major revelation in the history of medical sciences for what causes severe anxiety disorder.

Overall these 4 major causes are the ones for severe anxiety disorders. I am sure after reading this article you will be able to understand and analyze the causes for severe anxiety disorders. Last but not the least, all these disorders need to be identified soon else it will lead to severe complications.


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