What are your tips for getting into a Meditation Routine?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 20, 2019

Meditation is one of the best habits you can incorporate into your daily life. If you want to keep stress at bay and learn how to control your mind and thoughts, you should practice mindfulness on a daily basis. It is important to not rush into it and force yourself to sit for long hours in meditation.

You could start with devoting 2 minutes of meditation every day. If you feel relaxed during this, you can practice it for longer. However, it is advisable to increase the amount of time gradually. In order to adopt it as a habit, you should pick a certain time of the day (morning, before sleeping, evening) and try meditation religiously during those hours in the beginning.

Meditation is supposed to relax your mind and body. Thus, you should take a quiet spot and sit comfortably. For the same reason, early morning hours are best to indulge in meditation as it serves as a positive start to the day. Once you have established the time and place, focus on your breath and how it makes its way from your nostril to your stomach. Usually, this fills you up with positivity and exuberance as you concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation essentially.

One of the most common misconceptions about meditation is that it is supposed to help you empty your mind of thoughts and ideas. However, meditation helps you take control of your mind and hold only specific thoughts while discarding others.

The information about meditation is so vast and diversified. For the same reason people are confused about what is mediation, how we should meditate, what are the benefits of meditation, why we should meditate and so on and so forth. Really, this word meditation is very popular all over the world. The practice of meditation is present from time immemorial all over the world, irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, religion, locality and the like. It is interesting to note that thousands of methods are practiced all over. The pathetic thing is that each system and custom claim that what they are following is right. Really the truth is entirely different. Actually, anybody can follow any path which is suitable for him/her. Every path leads to the ultimate goal. This understanding is very important in selecting a proper path or way for a particular person.

LivingInWellbeing considers meditation to play a crucial role in the mental health of an individual. If you need any other tips or information on this subject, we would be eager to address your concerns.
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