What are your Core Values?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

The most important part of life is to live without regret, which is directed to the main values of life. Fifty years from now, when you look back on your decision and your accomplishments, you must be willing to say to yourself that every choice you made was worth it. You must know the shadow of a doubt that every decision that you used was based on what really matters to you most.

Few people can say that, because few people live their lives by their personal core values. Core values are the values that you hold that matter at the core of your being - the values that mean more to you than any other value you hold dear. Only by realizing one's core values and living every day by their properties can you hope to achieve a change in life that will lead to long term contentment.

What Are Personal Core Values?
We all live a life with values. Every one of our decision making processes is managed with some value that we have learned throughout the course of our lifetime. However, you have been taught hundreds - maybe even thousands of values in life every day. When it comes to your decision making, all of these values are a distraction that causes you to make decision that go against what you believe at your true core.

Your personal core values are the values that you prioritize above all else. They are the values that matter most to who you truly are as a person. These values are the ones that will put you on a path toward contentment, because all of your decisions will be based according to the needs and desires of your core. No matter what happens, you will have no regrets, because you will know that your Essential Core Values in Life directed you to the right decision, no matter the outcome.

Why Core Values Can Promote Change in Life

Imagine you had a coin with two sides, heads and tails. Normally, this would be a 50/50 chance of getting either one, except this coin has been altered so that it lands on heads 95% of the time. You know for a fact that the coin was altered, and you know for a fact that the coin lands on heads 95% of the time.

Your friend asks you to call it in the air. If you pick heads, you are always making the right decision, no matter the ultimate outcome, because you are decision making based on the highest probability of success - the number that is most likely to achieve victory. It doesn't matter if it lands on tails. You still made the right decision, because you knew at your core the best decision was the one with the highest probable chance of triumph.

That is how living with personal core values can help you achieve happiness - because it ensures that your decision making in life is based on what you value most, leading to the highest probability that you will receive the outcome you desire.

Essential Core Values in Life Coaching

It is vital that you discover your own personal core values in life. By uncovering the values that are most important to you, you will find:

-All of your decisions making is free of regrets.
-Your motivation to reach your goals stays strong.
-You gain an understanding and satisfaction from understanding yourself.
-Greater levels of contentment with your life path and decisions.

As a life coach, I have developed the Essential Core Values in Life assessment. This assessment is designed to uncover your own core values, and how those core values can, have, and should interact with your daily thought processes.

The goal within this life coaching assessment is to gather information on how you have been living your life, and whether you have been living in accordance of your values. The first part of this values assessment is free.

Once you have completed the first part, we will start to discuss how these values can bring you the change in life you are looking for, and whether or not life coaching can help you uncover how to utilize and grow with these values on hand. This assessment will prove to be invaluable towards not only seeing if you are ready to work with a life coach in order to find the change you are looking for, but to discover more about yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more you will feel content with the direction you have taken in life.

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