What Are the Signs of Spiritual Awakening?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

Open your eyes and start looking around your surroundings. All appears to be in the same situation as you left it a while ago or is it? For example you are meditating and you have just finished stretching your arms and legs; you are feeling relaxed and calm. You are feeling rested, invigorated, well, and happy. The meditation session was good. Nonetheless, sometimes you query yourself what is an actual spiritual awakening and if I have already reached such an understanding. Many people would debate that the experience of spiritual enlightenment is so deep and life altering that it is just impossible to miss. When you accomplish spiritual growing, knowing the signs might assist them to understand that they are already in the place. Divine awakening is not a continuous thing, it can come and go. Therefore, it could really be better if you know if you're getting closer in attaining it or not.

If we base our meaning to the Buddhist and Christian methods, we have a spiritual emerging rooted on the enlightenment or awakening of the consciousness and knowing their real or their unique self. This awakening of the consciousness is an advanced form of awareness; where the consciousness is able to see past the more evident carnal self. This is being aware, detecting and feeling their life that accounts for spiritual developing.

Maybe amongst the more noticeable marks of enlightenment is having a firm level of peace. Individuals who have awakened their spirits have established to be more dedicated in reaching their aims. It appears they appear to have reached a degree of stillness where understandings, reminiscences, problems, as well as desires, are no longer causing misunderstanding and interruptions. What I mean is it is like every interruption you have experienced has been set aside and stored away which results in having a clear path from the start to finish.

Amid the signs of spiritual developing is having self-discipline. Once you reach the level of spiritual Awakening, you not only exercise free will but instinctively know what evil things need to be cast away and choose only the right path based on proper wisdom and good judgment. People and things that offer brief desires are no longer entertained since these deeds often lead to misery in the long run and only offer passing happiness.

Self-effacement and self-sacrificing love are other signs of an awakened spirit. Having an awakened spirit is the willingness to acquire, comprehend, and toil for the happiness of not only yourself but of others as well. An awakened spirit will allow people to begin existing in agreement with both Mother Nature and other individuals. Empathy and friendship will be equal irrespective of race, nationality and culture.

Sincere bliss, non-attachment, having the right instinct, and feelings of non-attachment are other signs of spiritual awakening. Remember, to look out for any of the mentioned signs present in you after a meditation session. You may be surprised at what you discover.

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