Were You Injured in a Workplace Altercation?

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013

Though we all suppose we left playground antics behind us once we came into the adult years, this just is not the case for many people. Individuals employed in high anxiety conditions can, every once in awhile, end up embroiled in workplace dramatics that actually increase to the level of physical violence. When this occurs, it is actually commonplace for one employee to become injured by another. This employee is then monetarily displaced as well as left to question how they will provide for their family. The correct answer is to seek recourse by way of a personal injury lawyer.
It might happen in this way. You are folding t shirts at your job, minding your own business and wondering what you want to eat for lunch. A co-worker bumps into you, entirely by mistake, setting you off balance. You say, out of impulse, a little something you instantly feel sorry. Your co-worker demands you apologize, so you do. Later tomorrow, they bump straight into you yet again, leading you to drip warm coffee on your clothing. You try to, yet again, find a nonviolent means of ending the conflict, but they're not willing to meet you midway. In no time, you're pushing one another. Your foot catches on a post and you tumble, slamming your face on the edge of a table on your way down. You're now bleeding on to the floor, wanting to know just how this happened. Your boss, blaming both of you, demands the two of you leave the shop and informs you that you will not be paid for today or any health-related expenses associated with your injury. Seem unrealistic? It happens every single day! In addition, that boss is completey in the wrong; your workplace is accountable for that personal injury!
Today office altercations are common. As a result of high stress conditions, the worsening job economy, the conflict in Iraq, along with the unrest in Libya, your working environment may possibly be relatively hazardous. Small misunderstandings may lead to more dramatic scenes which in turn can become violent. It is all too quick for a pushing match to bring about injury; as per WebMD even a slight head "bump" can lead to a concussion which in turn needs medical care. While dealing with medical concerns due to a workplace altercation you might be unemployed because of disciplinary or even health causes. It's no time to forget to go after what's due you!
Businesses are accountable for workplace injury regardless of source. Even a physical injury as a result of so trivial a reason as a work area fight is deserving of recourse from the company. It's not necessary to completely involve the courts, yet hiring a personal injury attorney is a no-brainer. Personal injury attorneys are skilled arbitrators who can be a go-between for you and the company. Although office altercation injuries might not merit workman's compensation, you're still entitled to be paid for the injuries you suffered while you're on the clock.
If you've been injured in a workplace altercation, speak to a personal injury lawyer right away. If you are in the southern Arizona area, contact a Tuscon personal injury lawyer. Your retained counsel will guard your rights vigorously and aggressively go after your company for the compensation due to you. If you've been injured in your place of work you are owed your health-related costs, and you ought to not fail to go after that debt. Good luck and stay safe!

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