Ways To Get the Attention of Your Readers and Followers

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

March is International Women's Month.

In honor of the women all over the world and especially to the two lovely ladies that have captured my heart, my wife, and daughter I wish nothing but strength and power to live your dreams. You have served as my inspiration and have empowered me in ways I cannot begin to describe. The same love goes out to my mother, an exceptional woman, without whom I wouldn't be here reaping the benefits of a life well-lived.


They provide this whiff of fresh air that no man (sorry guys!) could really deliver. They have this infinite vulnerability, genteelness, and quiet demeanor around them that makes you want to rush in, draw out your sword, and save these damsels in distress. On the other hand, you will also encounter assertive and strong feminists who may just end up saving you instead. In whatever form they may be, if you are bent on getting the attention of women, it takes more than just flowers and chocolates. Or, even good looks. (Unless you are Brad Pitt, perhaps).

Getting the attention of women means you gotta :

Look nice. Unless you really look like Brad Pitt, it would really help if you exert effort to look presentable. It's a sure sign that you want to make her feel special just by dressing up for her.

Stay pleasant. You don't want to make her angry by annoying her. Smile. Be flowing with positive vibes.

Have spunk. You must be bold, daring, and filled with confidence. A stand-out.

Have x-factor. There must be something about you that remains a mystery and something that she doesn't quite put her finger into it, thus, making you more endearing.

Have extra-something special. This simply means that you are different from everyone else. As a prerequisite to being extraordinary, there must be something about you that makes you pop and shine.

Be interesting. You have to be witty enough to make her smile. A good sense of humor could go a long, long way. . .

Have something good to offer. You gotta help her out of a rut, like a knight in shining armor, offering aid and assistance whenever she calls for it.

Surprise her with something she doesn't expect. You deviate from the usual and do crazy things sometimes. With her.

It's not about you, it's about her. Most men are conceited and would want to rant on and on about themselves. Remember, it's all about her and how you can make her feel special and wanted.

And guess what? How you get the attention of women is pretty much the same way how we should all treat our blog readers and followers. Our blogs should be wooing.

So, do you have your readers' attention?

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