Ways to Positive Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Read pleasant books.

Hear positive concepts.

Talk during a positive manner.

Appreciate the great works of people.

Love your partner whole-heartedly.

Make your children believe that they're the most preference in your life.

Gain smart friends.

Follow spiritual concepts within the true sense.

Regular prayer – Prayer shouldn't be restricted to pattern manner, however ought to be widened to develop the soul.

Believe that what you dream can come back to pass, even if things don't enable.

Try to do your duty (even regular household-chores ) during a high spirit.

Never underestimate any work.

Treat co-beings with high respect, whether or not or not it's your kid.

Open your mind to new concepts.

Always stay a student in life. It helps you to develop yourself.

Listen to music.

Learn music. It relaxes you plenty.

Never enable yourself in arguments.

Talk about your views sedately.

Smile once you square measure down.

Help others once you square measure in deep bother.

Develop an honest relationship together with your folks and siblings.

Never recollect and take a look at to search out faults in your past.

Always foresee for a bright future.

And most vital of all, a nice mind makes all things doable.
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