Various signs and symptoms of drug addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Perhaps you may not know a drug addict personally, but you might have noticed such a character in public places.You must have come across a person addicted to drugs during some point in your life. If you know the indications of a drug addict, it will benefit both of you.
Using chemical substances behind the required level or continuously will endanger the life of the user.A person who uses chemical substances at an exceeding level or continuously will be put his life in danger. Generally, such drugs are available in secret markets because governments have banned their sales in public markets.People avail these drugs in secret markets as their sales have been banned by the government in public markets. Some users get physician's prescription for self-gratification which is to be used for treatment.
The signs and symptoms are varied.Variations can be observed in the signs and symptoms displayed by every person. This depends upon the nature of the drugs employed. These addicts are characterized by oversleeping or insomnia, drop or gain in weight, additional energy or restlessness, nasal or sinus problems, slow speech, reduced speed of reaction, disorientation and abrupt changes in dressing pattern.Such addicts are known to display signs such as insomnia or sleeping too much, nasal or sinus problems, slurred speech, less reaction speed and sudden dressing pattern changes.
Drug addiction leads to mental instability also.Instability in mental health can also get caused due to drug addiction. The addict always tries to be high by taking an extra overdose.The addict will try to engage in actions which will help him to feel high by taking an overdose. This continuous or periodic chase for drugs dislocates his thinking process.By doing so, the addicts, thinking process will start to get hindered. This reduces his reaction time. He may talk constantly or show signs of dullness at certain situations, mood swings, carefree attitudes, blank reflections and lack of response, hallucinations and have a mindset of violence occasionally.
Drug abuse affects many people - some of them may be teenagers.Drug abuse affects is known to affect teenagers the most. Many teens display normal characteristics pertaining to the particular age group - excessive sleeping, talkativeness, proneness for arguments, etc. But, with the case of an addict in teens, significant changes in behavior pattern can be observed.However, drastic changes can be noticed in the behavior of a teen addict. He may become isolated, aloof, changing the circle of friends, problems in the classrooms, frequent bouts of lying and stealing to support the addiction-lifestyle, oversleeping day in and day out.Some noticeable changes include segregation, new friendships, frequent lying, peer problems, excessive sleep during the day and night.
Drug abusers are in need of societal help and care.Help and care are the most sought after by such drug abusers. Professional attendance is of primary importance. Addiction recovery requires solid support system from familial circles also.A person trying to recover from addiction must also gain support from his/her family. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are two structures functioning for this purpose.In order to cater to the needs of such addicts, two structures namely Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have been established. Al-Anon is another organization for alcoholics.

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