Values of Life

Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

Values of life

What are your values of life and family for you - love or money - family or career
What are your values of life, is it your family, freedom, your culture of personal values that you have achieved and preserved that deserve your protection and a high ranking priority in life? Are you aware of your true values in your own life and do you protect and support or promote these values?
Family values
In today's fast moving world with all the many distractions - many of us forget easily their true values - waste time on wrong paths of life and suddenly life is over before it really started.
Take some time to think and feel what really matters to you - write down the first several points that appear truly of value to you in your life. Is it to have...
1. a family - at home - being there for you, sharing all spare time with you?
2. having a partner in life to hug you, to love you, to accept your love?
3. friends that are there for you whenever you fall in life, when ever you need company or someone to talk to or help?
4. job or money?
5. career and recognition from other as a substitute of true love in our own relationship?
6. freedom? freedom to travel, freedom of doing business, freedom to select your job, education and home town?
7. ... or do you have other values in your life? If yes - which ones?

Find the true eternal values of your life
Depending on your education, culture or country you live, grow up or work, you may be influenced by your surrounding and even pulled away or distracted from your own goal of life and true values.
Take a time - in peace and may be in nature - to think about what is of true innermost value to you. Are these..
religious values or spiritual values
The only efficient and most powerful way to actually support a true value is by:
• Living it as a living example without imposing it on anyone else
• Admitting such inner values to the outside world, to your family members, friends, colleagues at work or customers
• Improving your own way of living and realizing these - your very own - values of life
• Investing in the improvements, maintenance, free distribution and free peaceful and loving expansion of your values among all those who are interested in or want to follow your own living example as a result of seeing you more happy in your family and with your partner, more happy in business or job, more successful in all you do and of course more healthy than the average human being.
If your true values of life are in real harmony with your innermost divine being, your soul and heart, then of course you will be more happy than others, more successful than others and far more healthy - inner and outer health - than others. True spiritual values practiced in full harmony with God and hence with your own innermost spiritual being always result in excellent well being and happiness in all situations of your eternal life.

Human values
Some of the greatest single value of any human - compared to nature and animals are:
• Freedom to move anywhere on this planet, freedom to travel, freedom to select a partner based on spiritual values or human values rather than survival values.
• Freedom to select job, business, location of living
• Freedom of education - freedom to learn what ever you want
• Freedom to do any time and anywhere what you love to do
• Freedom to change anything in life
• Freedom to make your very own personal decisions and realize those decisions on your own
Are you aware of your God given above treasures and if yes are you really using your God given freedom for the happiness and joy of all - of your family, friends, and all human society and creation as well?
Cultural values - do you value the tradition and culture of your country or any other country on this planet
Different cultures have different values or restrictions. Cultural traditions may be enjoyable or a simple old fashioned burden. Cultural traditions may be adding value to life, adding color of life or restricting free divine development.
Some countries or cultures may vary in
• Freedom of religion and spiritual practices
• Freedom of speech or expression of opinion
• Freedom of meeting, public gathering, forming clubs or societies
• Political freedom or freedom to participate in the free and democratic development of society
• Freedom to travel in and out of a country - freedom to immigrate or emigrate - to come into a country as a foreigner and being allowed and fully accepted to live, work and socialize freely in his new host country or the freedom to leave your native country and travel or work in any other country on this entire planet
• Freedom to travel within your own country freely, move to a permanent new location within your country and start a job anywhere you want in your country. Even select freely the kind of job and kind of business you love to venture into
Are these values important to you? Did you ever use them? are you taking then for granted? In past years and decades - I have been repeatedly traveling and working in dozens of different countries with almost full restriction to travel. Example in the late 1970-ties in Haiti to travel from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haiti we needed a permission to travel, a "laissez-passer" - all - foreigners and native Haitians alike.
During the time I worked in Zaire - 1978-79 - i needed written signed "laissez-passer" from the provincial Governor and General for any travel outside the city of Lubumbashi. Many other similar restrictions all around the world - like curfew - restriction to go out during certain times of day - during war in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia in the 1970-ties. Or restricted access to fuel - in Zaire or in Cambodia.
Restrictions to import foreign currency or export your savings in and out of countries. Restrictions to import or export goods.
Such restrictions are spread all over the world in various countries and many fields of activities. Restrictions to select or practice a job of your free choice. Restrictions to marry or divorce to have children or to educate as you like are existing far more than many know.
If such values are important - what exactly are you doing to maintain them, to protect or enforce them in a peaceful, loving and efficient way. Are you investing a reasonable amount of efforts, time and financial resources to maintain and expand in a free, loving and peaceful way your important values in your country and culture?
Personal values and moral values
Can you express love the way you love to. Can you dress the way you love to? Do you have freedom in medical treatment - freedom to select between chemo-medicine or or traditional divine or herbal medicine?
Can you select the way you are dying and when? Can you freely select the way and place your bodily remains may be used, disposed or buried?
Can you eat what you want, dress how you like, learn what you love, see the movies you love or watch the TV channels you are interested in? Or is there censorship, control and restriction imposed by someone?
Can you select the partner for life you love most or are marriages arranged and partners imposed upon you by parents or society?
Nutritional values of your food
Is the food offered to you natural and the way you love it most - or has your country turned into a chemical factory for manufactured food, genetically modified food and junk food making normal God made natural food either too expensive to be affordable or pushed out of market and store shelves to make place for higher profit manufactured industrial food products?
Is the food you are being offered controlled and manipulated by rules and regulations or are farmers free to produce and offer their own natural products directly to end consumers? Can you decide yourself from what country bananas, apples, fruits, vegetables and other agriculture products of any kind are - or is your food market controlled by import restrictions and other laws?
Values of life often only become valuable to most after they have lost them - many or most first need to lose what they have to realize how much they had and to become aware of what truly mattered to them and was truly important to them!
The most valuable things in life can neither be stored in a bank account - nor in a vault or purse - the most valuable aspects of life are of different nature - NON-material!

Core values of life
For all human beings - the core values or key values are very much the same.
To do what they love to do and need to do
Free choice
To select from infinite options life offers always the one option best suitable for your needs
Freedom of love
To love how and who they want
Freedom of progressing
Moving to other locations is but a means to most efficiently achieve spiritual goals often subconsciously aware. The innermost spiritual core of each human knows the spiritual ( religious ) needs to re-gain freedom or to learn to love in order to regain freedom. Hence the inner driving force to achieve such most efficient spiritual progress requires absolute freedom to meet, see, socialize with all those being part of your learning process or your dissolving and spiritual healing process.
Freedom of meeting and socializing
To meet, love, marry and have friends who ever you select and whatever their nationality or location may be.
Freedom of truth-finding
To know the absolute truth about everything. To know about God and our origin, to know how to return the most efficient and most direct way, to know all spiritual rules and laws, to know how to achieve our inner and outer freedom and to regain our spiritual power, freedom, peace and love potential.
Freedom of self realization and God realization
To become one with God, return home to our eternal home. To truly know who we are and know our past and future - to know all about our true eternal origin and nature of our being and to live it again in oneness with God.
How much are you investing in restoring or maintaining all true values of your life
Find out your values of life - and fully support these values with all your heart, soul and divine power of love!
From those living in "industrialized first world countries" most are spending thousands of $, £, €, ¥,... each year for material belongings and temporary material values such as cellphone, cars, TV, electronics, computers and other gadgets of life....
All those are thus spending hundreds or more of working hours each year to obtain and maintain such material values. and to learn purely intellectual temporary knowledge needed to achieve such outer and temporary things in life.
How much however do you invest in time, efforts and money to educate yourself in lasting eternal values. In spiritual knowledge, in knowing how to be a truly loving partner for your eternal living partner, how to be a loving father and friend for all others??
Are you supporting, protecting and actively maintaining all those values of life that really appear valuable to you - OR - are you taking all those values of life for granted... until you have lost them one day - just to realize how much you had and what truly matters to you! When people lose freedom, source of happiness or partner of life, then this loss occurs for one single reason only - they failed to invest the needed amount or quantity of available resources into these sources of values. They spent too much time, efforts, study, money and power toward material goals - leaving no time nor other urgently needed resources to maintain, protect and free the love needed for their truly happy-making values of life.
To regain lost values of life may take years, decades or longer and most of the time all your fortune down to the very last cent - to maintain may take just a honest amount of daily efforts and resources.

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