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Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

I am not called as the “Stock Trading Whiz Kid” and the “Untutored Prodigy of Stock Investing” for nothing. I am Manny Backus. I am here to teach and train you on how you can endure the success of wealth in just a short span of time. Even when I was still young, I had already mastered the success of getting a handsome wealth that I have never thought that I would have. At the age of 19 years old, I already ventured at the world of business and trades in the stock market. People were surprised because at such a young age, no one has ever achieved much as I did. There is such thing as the secrets of how to do business properly and how you could increase your success rate as high as possible.

I have known that form my long back days. I would like to tell more about myself so you could have a background on how I become the person I am now. I am just like the many ordinary people out there. But there was something exceptional about me. I love playing chess. The tactics and strategies, the “Killer Moves” and everything you could learn in playing chess have helped me become a successful businessman. People who have exceptional skills and knowledge about playing chess are known to have the best problem solving skills. That is what I used when I engaged myself to business and trades. Discipline in your self is one thing I have learned. Also, I should have “mind mapped” every move and decision before I execute them.

With the principles I have at playing chess, it brought me to the high pedestals of doing business. As the years passes by, I have established my own incorporation. It is named as the “Wealthpire” incorporation that deals with several trading research services. My incorporation is a successful one.

With success come intrigues about it, there is a circulating thing as the “Manny Backus Scam”. Let me claim that this circulating news in not true. I adhere to the ethics of business and trades. I do not engage myself and my business to fraud just like many other advertised businesses out there. Proofs about my true business can be seen at my official website, and the recent induction of Wealthpire, Inc. to the INC 500 list. For more prove, testimonials from my clients are available at my website, you may refer them.

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