Using The Power Of Attention To Maximise The Law Of Attraction

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Attention is so powerful in influencing the results that are brought into your life through the law of attraction. What you attend to becomes assimilated into your subconscious mind and it is then reflected into the universe to bring into your life things of similar vibration to your thoughts.


It is therefore important to observe what you pay attention to. Be alert to all the messages and thoughts that are passing through your mind and all the senses.

All things are made of energy and they vibrate at a certain frequency according to their nature. If you pay attention to negative news, listen to music or watch television programs with negative energy, you will lower your own energy vibration to match their frequencies thereby attracting more negative situations in your life.

On the contrary, if your attention is on positive thoughts and messages you assimilate that positive energy into yourself and become more vibrant and attract positive results in your life.

So to use the power of attention to maximize the law of attraction for the good in your life it is necessary that you focus your attention on thoughts and messages of positive influence. When you do this you will saturate your subconscious mind with positive energy and impress upon the universe to bring to you positive results according to your desire.


Your subconscious mind is probably already full of negativity which is why you are not getting the most out of the law of attraction. This could be due to untrained attention and constantly absorbing negative news and television plus mixing with negative people. To change this you require to constantly repeat fresh positive thoughts into your mind to counter all the negativity that is already dwelling there.


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