Using the Internet for Workplace Safety Training

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Workplace safety is important to everyone. Not just to employees, but also to employers. A workplace disaster can ruin a company's financial future and a single accident can even take a company down. Disaster is a pretty intense term, but take the perspective of a lower level accident. Even a minor cut hand or a slip on a wet surface can wind up costing a company its financial integrity. The following will show the best possible ways to get safety instructions to your employees that is informative and comes at a very low cost.

Many do not understand what the Internet has done for companies in the form of centralization for low cost and space consumption. Although nearly all individuals work with the net on a daily basis, some of it's most simple basics are many times overlooked. Instead of dragging employees to meeting after meeting, wouldn't it be nice to be able to refer them to a company training site after a small incident? This is, of course, after initial online safety training from a company website that all of your corporate entities can contribute to with one click.

Initial training should be conducted through a main video terminal that you can set up through various platforms. Some of these platforms include Google Video, YouTube Channels, or Yahoo video. One of the most versatile is Google Video. With Google Video one can create a simple wiki page for their business, for example, "Company X Wiki." From this wiki anyone with a valid work email can contribute content. One main piece of content is likely going to be workplace safety. Along with the ability to contribute graphs (showing safety statistics) and pictures, an individual can even upload their company's own safety training videos. This is where the company must your point across. Not only will demonstrations be shown on these videos, but the consequences of employee actions will be shown as well. It is very widely known that termination is something that every employee wants to avoid. This is a perfect platform to use to get the point across that any violation can and will have serious consequences if the proper safety measures were not taken prior to an incident.

Finally, what is probably the biggest time saver for a company when it comes to workplace safety is the fact that one (whether it be a safety instructor or just a supervisor) can simply refer an employee to the website after a small incident. If no injury was a result of an accident the employee still needs to be reminded of safety precautions throughout the workplace to keep such incidences from happening again. There is no reason to take up manpower and time to go through a process of old to get a point across to the offender. The employee in question can simply watch the safety training on their own time, and maybe even take an online safety test once completed and work can go on uninterrupted.

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