Using the Alert Check in Quarters Coverage

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

We have spent a lot of time looking at the Quarters Coverage on this blog. I love this coverage for any 7-man front, like the 4-3 Defense or the 3-4 Defense.
The Alert Check is the coverage check we use in Quarters versus two receivers removed. We have to make some adjustments in order to handle the threat of two fast, vertical threats. This video details the check. The alert check in our quarter’s coverage is the check that really used in order to get our safety’s back off the ball.
Alert means we have two fast guys out there, we have number one and number two receiver’s both from removes. Alert is something that we use from two receivers removed in order to make sure we can handle these two fast guys. Is going to give us three on two handily most two-pass guy’s out there, which is a great advantage for us.
Alert is going to give us a soft cover two type of look if you are familiar with cover two football or we are going to be off not pressing the man or we are going to be funneling everything to this deep safety’s.
The first thing we’re going to look at our quarter’s coverage in our alert check is how we read this our safety’s our reading the number two receiver in our quarters, quarters are reading the number two receiver here.
Set linebackers reading the line of scrimmage bring all through the backfield. Linebackers reading is end man through the back, pending you may also read to the guard. The same is going to be effects the end man and the number two receiver and spot the deference. We do not want to bring more than five yards out if we are boundary for passing through at all.
Since the Will is going to be the short side of field we do not split him out at all. With our softer appear here in the flats may look like we have this number two uncovered but we are going to have it handled. We are going to reading number two, reading number two we do not always want to run.
Alert on this side, this is the check that we make independently. This is the split coverage we can call anything we want to outer side. We are going to split the coverage here we are going to have alert check on both sides because both sides has to remove. We are just had 100 back here we may have reject or something else to had them. Off the back or wide linebackers always have middle field because nothings changes for him.
When the sky comes off the corners going to look shuffle out three steps we always use three steps slide. He is going to shuffle out three steps and this going to force these guys release him to the inside and make him runner to the inside path. As he’s doing that he’s reading number two, if number two is running vertical then the corner is going to stand with number one if number one runs vertical. Then stay with that is for the quarters aspect of this is if number two is going vertical and his going to where to stay with the vertical number one.
Front center, if number one release it hard outside and the quarters cannot see the number two then he’s going to determine one of it because he doesn’t know if they’re getting two verticals or not. That is the cover four aspect of it, we have get two verticals here we have got two guys deep. For a deal with we are going to squeeze this inside shuffle off and his going to seal up in about 12 yards, he’s going to work on the top of the numbers.
The safety is back peddling on snap he’s staying on top of everything. Reading with the number two does it knows that the number two goes vertical, he got him but if number two does anything else the side run dead vertical. Then he’s going to be looking his eyes to number one and get him back. If we got an outline number two the corner knows that he’s going to bass off from this and come back to the out in this post will come to the safety.
Sam linebacker steps and reads pass run these two guys are not having involve in the run game they’re merely pass players in this formation. Strong safety is going to step for run read if you got a run read you will track the line right now and box the play.
In that outside backer is a box player contain player in alert check. You look survive the play if you does not get the run read they will get to pass in off this sky. And he’s going to read step and work his way to hook curl zone and again if you get anything release the inside your collision it force fall to the safety. When everything working this way where our safety is getting over the top on it keep it off the hashes. Keep it off the numbers force do the inside.
Mike linebacker works it over the field where we get cross here. We communicate this cross to the Mike linebacker. In this situation, we have the same deal on this side we are working team deep half coming out the twelve as long as we can able to follow the sky inside with the settle off the twelve yards. We are working our way out twelve yards and settle on hook to curls up so we are on half.
We are going to have hash here with our two outside backers working on the top of the numbers here. Working around at the top of the number here, we got our zone taking care of that five off under two deep unless we got two verticals in which who will run with them and we will have our four top three underneath. This coverage there the only treat being the linebackers getting or release him back and they’re going to look that at the backfield.
That is all our alert checks out quarters are great check to use or shot down the pass. One is going to get the outside backers to be the contain player over here get your safety back deeper than our traditional quarters recheck where we’ve got one receiver will move the safety are eight to nine minutes box.
Hope that this is going to be the look at for your defense great for any 7 man front wither you are a 4-3 or 3-4 defense is also something a lines that can be use their 4-2-5 and change up even 3-5-3.

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