Using Self-Hypnosis For A Snow Balling Effect of Enhanced Determination

Dr. Purushothaman
October 15, 2013

Here in the UK, despite being a relatively small country (compared to places like the US, China and Russia anyhow) we have a wide variance of weather conditions, and we discuss it greatly and enthusiastically.

We do go crazy and get excited when it does snow, but we do not get as much of it as many other parts of the country each year.

I was hoping to use the fact that Eskimos have hundreds of words for snow in the blog entry today. Some serious research and Googling highlighted the fact that this was a myth that I had fallen for and believed for a number of years. Why did I not apply some modicum of critical thinking to such a myth?

Despite this setback, snow is a useful metaphor for my purposes in this article. Snow does come in all shapes and sizes, even if there are not really Inuit words for every single kind. The intrepid fundraiser and TV's Blue Peter presenter (here on UK TV) Helen Skelton has been travelling across the South Pole raising funds for Sport Relief with another heroic challenge.

The reason I mention this is because in a recent interview that I heard her doing from the South Pole, she said it was tough to ski as they had been for a while as the area was so dry and the snow was like freezing cold powder that they could get no purchase on as they skied upon it.

We know that stuff, don't we? The stuff that falls that needs to packed together tightly in a gloved hand to form a proper snowball that we throw at someone with any force rather than it turning to a sort of dust in the air as it is launched.

So then, snow is going to be the metaphor and the basis for this self-hypnosis process here today that is aimed at developing determination. People often refer to an occurrence or a phenomena that 'snow balls' when it gathers momentum and the sort of imagery gets used on TV that shows how snowballs can start out tiny and then become such a force as they roll down the hill that they blast away all obstacles.

Recently, lots of people engaged me in a discussion about the difference between being motivated and being determined.

Determination tends to be more about having a sense of purpose and providing a solution for an outcome of some kind. Whereas motivation tends to be the fuel that mobilises us towards something more naturally. Though intrinsic motivation (motivation from within, rather than extrinsic motivation being something external driving us such as monetary gain or kudos etc) is very similar indeed to determination.

I always think of determination as having slightly more teeth gritted when it happens. It is a lot more conscious and purposefully driven. Sometimes it is a means to end whereas motivation sometimes tends to be considered a more enjoyable experience.

Anyhow, we are going to get determined today. We are going to grit our teeth without the related issues of bruxism, and we are going to roll our sleeves up and we are going to get determinedly in the direction we want to go in... Wherever and whatever that might be for you.

So ideally, get a notion in your mind about what the focus of your determination is going to be. What are you going to get determined about? What do you want to get determined to achieve or complete? Think about how you plan to wield this determination. With that in mind, crack into this process.

7 Steps To Snowball Your Determination:

Step One: Induce Hypnosis. You can do so by any means you desire or know of. Engage in the moment, get absorbed in it and focused and allow your mind to be open and receptive. You can use your breathing, progressive relaxation, a mindfulness process or any other process you know of.

Once you have induced hypnosis, move on to step two.

Step Two: In your mind, using your own imagination in whatever way is most pertinent and best for you, imagine some kind mountain or tall hill that is covered in snow and you are at the top of it. Notice the view around you, notice the temperature of the air and see the sights, hear all the sounds and feel how good it feels to be free and in awe of such a landscape covered in snow all around you, breathing clean, invigorating air and noticing that there is a valley down beneath you.

As you imagine this, allow the imagination and images to take you deeper inside your mind.

Think about your own desired outcomes, your own life and what it is that you want to achieve. That journey towards that desired outcome, that journey towards that goal has brought you as far as this tall hilltop or mountain here and engage in it. Once you have a really vivid scene before you, then move on to the next step.

Step Three: Continue to think about your outcome, that thing, you know the one. That thing that you want to achieve, your objective, your desired outcome. For some reason your progress has faltered maybe, or you have become stuck at a certain stage along the way towards it, or you just kept giving up or whatever else, you are here at this point, on this mountain top representing your journey to date in relation to this thing that you want to achieve and get more determined than ever to ensure you go for it now...

As you look down at the valley, you see that peppered all along the mountainside are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of obstacles and barriers that represent any excuses or issues or things which you know have been holding you back and impeding your progress toward your desired outcome. Gaze down upon them, see what they are, how they are, where they are positioned and think about what they represent... All those things that have been holding you back.

But not anymore. Oh no.

With that vision and thought process firmly in mind, move on to the next step.

Step Four:Reach to the ground where the snow lies at your feet and around you and pick up the snow and notice how powdery and light and fluffy it is in this form. This may well be representative of your efforts up to now when attempting to achieve this desired outcome.

Though now notice how if you pick enough of it up in a large handful and compact it with determination and with a positive intention, you can form a small snowball. Pack it tight and make it strong, like the strength you know you have deep inside of you. Pack it tight and compact it to represent the powerful core of your potential determination that you are going to realise fully in your life very soon.

Make it tight, hard and round and be really assertive with it. Roll it around your feet and start to notice that the intention you have, starts to ensure more snow sticks to your snowball. The snow is attracting more snow and starts to become bigger and stronger and it develops. Roll it around until it is the size of a football and then roll it to the edge of the hilltop or mountain side and look down into the valley stretching out far in front of you.

Think about how you want things to be in your life. Think about how you know you are more than capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Think about old obstacles that you want to let go of and overcome. With the snowball poised like a cannon ball ready to fire, move on to the next step.

Step Five: Now comes the fun bit. Reach deep inside your mind and build up all your strength, courage, firmness and be sure that you know you are capable of this, then use all that and push the snowball over the edge of the mountain as watch it roll deeper and deeper down the side there.

As it rolls deeper and further down, moving faster, tell yourself that you are going deeper inside your mind and that you are reaching further inside your self to that place of realizing potential and where change happens.

Now watch the snowball get bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger and more powerful. What started out as your intention and the foundation of a small hand built snow ball is now a large snowball gathering pace and momentum along the mountain side. Watch as it overpowers obstructions, watch as it blasts purposefully through barriers, watch as it heads in the direction of your potential, heading for achievement.

As it gathers momentum and pace, start to notice a sensation within yourself right now. Notice that somewhere within you there is a slight sensation. Whatever it is and however it feels, start to develop and amplify your determination. As the snowball grows and develops let the feeling of determination within you amplify and exaggerate and grown bigger, spreading throughout your entire being, filling your body and mind with a sense of purpose and a sense of knowing.

So that you just know that you have what it takes. You know that very soon you achieve what you want to achieve. You think about your next progressive action steps and what you plan to do with this determination as it grows within you.

Maybe you imagine it as a colour, or a sound, or just let it grow as a distinct sensation that you develop and amplify as the snowball careers down the mountain side, removing hurdles and obstructions and barriers as it moves on a distinct pathway towards your desired outcome.

As it progresses, it becomes so powerful it sets off a full blown avalanche and sweeps through like a totally convincing, undeniable force that sweeps through you, clearing out all last remnants of doubt. You go deeper inside your mind and the avalanche only concludes and reaches the foot of the mountain when you are sure that you are filled with a level of determination that you know means you are going to take action.

When that happens, enjoy it and then move on to the next step.

Step Six: You now know that the pathway in front of you, leading you to your desired outcome is cleared. No further barriers exist, no excuses, no doubts. You are filled with a sense of healthy determination that is going to make sure you take decisive and assertive action in your life now. Start to think of yourself moving with the momentum of that snowball and that avalanche, progressing powerfully toward your goal, that you remain undeniably strong and powerful, filled with purpose and direction that cannot be halted and that ensures you achieve what you want to achieve.

Tell yourself that you can do this and that you now do this. You take that action. You use your powerful determination and you get things done and your goals are easier and easier for you to achieve.

With that sense of purpose installed move on to the final step.

Step Seven: Open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and toes.

There you have it. Get determined. Get driven, and go build that snowball effect in a positive way in your own life.


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