Usefulness of Anger Management Books and Medication


Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Anger is not just a mind-set. Anger, alongside with melancholy and anxiety need to be altered, so that you can utilize your brain up to its complete potential. A lot many mental wellness strategies, like anger management therapy emphasis mainly on meditation and self understanding. These approaches will give you power over your thoughts and also complete tranquility of mind, specifically regulating emotions of rage and anger. Anger management experts have done various researches that have proved that anger outbursts raise the pulse rate, hypertension and levels of excitement and noradrenaline in the body.

Even though anger has survival benefits, but uncontrolled episodes of rage can have catastrophic affects on our mind, body, soul and relationships. Therefore it is vital to take a timely action and learn the skill of transforming our anger into a positive emotion. There are numerous ways to control your rage. For instance, you can even ask support from someone you can trust and in case you are still upset about something, then sharing your concerns with a close friend or confidant might prove greatly helpful. But you must clearly express what you want from the other person, so that no further irritation or anger builds up. If you just want a sounding board, state at the beginning to them, that you don't want any help or advice, all you need is sympathy. However, if you're looking for a solution, let the other person know about it so that he/she can help you accordingly. These days there are numerous Anger Management Books readily available at all good book stores and websites. These books are written by expert psychotherapists to help sufferers like you to come out of their miserable state of mind. You can refer to these self-help books for identifying the root cause of your anger and then adopt relevant strategies to effectively deal this negative emotion.

Even though, most experts believe that anger cannot be controlled completely, but with proper therapy sessions and anger management medication, the intensity of your irritation and rage can be reduced a great deal. This will surely help you vent out your negative emotions in a constructive manner. One has to understand the fact clearly that we cannot dissolve their anger completely, but they can control their behavior that gets directly as well as indirectly affected by such negative emotions. Once you have determined what, when and how makes you angry, then you must try to change your behavior, or else no anger management book or session can actually pull you out of your present mental state. In cases where a person suffers severe anxiety, anger and irritability, medication can provide some relief. There are four main categories of medications that are used to treat anxiety, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants. Except for the benzodiazepines, all the above mentioned medications are antidepressants and can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety, which will also help reduce feelings of irritability and anger.


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