Use These Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Dr. Purushothaman
April 29, 2018

Food has a lot of power and can help cure many health issues. However, it is important to know the various benefits of food so that one can consume them at the right and use its advantage for a healthy and fit lifestyle. High cholesterol can be a major threat to good health and it is important to keep cholesterol levels in control in order to lead a healthy life. There are some food items that can help lower the cholesterol level and do that in just about 30 minutes. Get access to the best health habits by following some good dieticians and nutritionists.

The main functions of cholesterol

  • Cholesterol has a major role in the production of bile. Bile is a very essential element in the digestive system. The intestine needs bile for the purpose of digestion of food.

  • With the help of cholesterol, there will be sufficient production of Vitamin D

  • Some of the major hormones found in the body, which are extremely necessary for the smooth functioning of the body are produced with the help of cholesterol

  • It has a prime role in the structuring of cell walls.

When cholesterol levels in the body is extremely higher than the regular amount, there are chances of risks for heart disease, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. The right amount of Low Density Cholesterol (LDL) and High Density Cholesterol (HDC) are needed in the blood. With the help of LDL, the plaque gets accumulated in the arteries and with the help of HDL, these LDL are removed and taken to the liver so that they are broken down. This is the reason why LDL is said to be bad cholesterol and HDL as the good cholesterol.

The cholesterol amount is gained by the body from the food that we eat. Consuming the right food with lower cholesterol can help you to stay fit and fine. With the help of regular exercise, you can help the body to maintain its normal weight, shape and the blood circulation.

Super food lists for lowering cholesterol

There are quite a few food items that can help in reducing the cholesterol level in as less as 30 minutes. They are as stated in the list as follows:

  1. Beans- Beans are known to reduce cholesterol level greatly. When we talk of beans, we mean soybeans, pinto beans, walnuts, cashews, almonds and oatmeal. All these are super foods when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels. One must try and incorporate these beans in their daily diet in order to keep the cholesterol levels under control.

  2. Fruits – Fruits have multiple benefits and they also help in reducing the cholesterol levels. For example, fruits like strawberries, avocado, apple, grapes, blueberries and figs are the fruits that help in lowering the cholesterol levels to a great extent. They are so beneficial and one can even try and keep their weight in control as these are low in calories and thus are helpful for the overall body health. These fruits help in digestion and passes nutrients to the body and that in turn helps keep people fit and active.

  3. Vegetables- Spinach, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, carrots. These are a few vegetables that are great for lowering cholesterol and they do that in a less amount of time. All these vegetables have various nutrients and benefits that help in lowering the cholesterol levels. Apart from the cholesterol levels, they even help in other ways and provide great benefits for a healthy life and being. We all know the health benefits of vegetables and must consume them on a daily basis.

  4. Fish- Salmons, sardines, tuna are some fish types that are highly beneficial for the body and reduce cholesterol levels.

  5. Herbs- Few herbs like garlic, onions are quite beneficial for lowering the levels of high cholesterol. Garlic has multiple benefits and one of them in the fact that it can lower down the cholesterol levels quite quickly and in as less as 30 minutes.

  6. Beverages- When we talk of beverages that can help in reducing the cholesterol levels, it is tea and red wine. Tea has great antioxidants and helps break down the levels of high cholesterol. Red wine is made of grapes and as we know grapes is quite effective in reducing the cholesterol levels.

  7. Others- apart from these super food categories, we can also see that chocolate, olive oil and margarine are some simple yet quite effective food times that can work well.

Apart from food, ensure that you pay attention to healthy habits and lead an active lifestyle

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