Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

The reason behind unhappiness may be a belief. What happens, not withstanding however undesirable or damaging to our life, health, needs or loves, doesn't cause unhappiness. the assumption that we've to be sad is that the solely cause.
Unhappiness is that the feeling of a belief a couple of perceived or unreal phenomena; not an expertise caused by the phenomena or anything. Unhappiness is experiencing your own basic cognitive process that an incident is unhealthy and/or shouldn't be as a result of you suspect IT causes unhappiness.

When someone is basic cognitive process he/she must be sad, what they're basic cognitive process is that they need to be sad as a result of they believe they're against themselves. the assumption in unhappiness is that the belief in being wrong for oneself.

All people are thinking about their own ideas and views. It may differ from one another. Some of them will get maximum happiness and others will not get that. To overcome these struggles, mind itself making some unwanted sadness and it automatically becomes unhappiness.

Life is really very beautiful. One can enjoy the life if he or she understand the happiness completely. For that understanding about self views is a necessary thing. Understand about us and get inspired about the qualities we already have. It will increase our happiness in a complete manner.

Understanding the real light of happiness will help a person to lead a pleasant life. It will change all issues and problems of body and mind. Be positive and happy always.
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