Understanding The Moon In Astrology

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

Any discussion of astrology starts with the zodiac. Through time immortal, or at least the dating periods of our life[!], we have all known the twelve zodiac signs. That being said, the field of astrology involves so much more than just these. One issue that arises is whether you were born with the moon in your sign.

The moon? Yep, the moon in the night time sky. The moon can modify the characteristics of your astrology sign and how you react to those around you and the causes you believe in. Sun signs are considered to be active classifications. The moon is not. It is a reactive one.

The moon is most often associated with the feminine and with protection. It is often referred to as a mother. The fact it circles the Earth and sun is an example of this protective nature. When considering its impact on your sign, the same characterizations can be made.

A classic sign heavily influenced by the moon when it is in phase is the Aquarius. This sign is about out of the box thinking and is often called the radical of the zodiac signs. The protective nature of the Moon and the radical nature of this sun sign would seem to be at complete opposites of the spectrum. In truth, they are and their meshing produces interesting results.

A person born with the moon in phase to the Aquarius sun sign is a unique one. They are considered to be humanists that express themselves through art in particular. They are huge supporters of humanity and often believe passionately in improving the human condition. That being said, they tend to be the opposite with personal relationships and often avoid them. It is a conundrum that is odd, but clear examples through history include J.R.R. Tolkien [Lord of the Rings], Denzel Washington, Cat Stevens, Prince and John Lennon.

The moon can have huge effects when it comes to deducing the characteristics of a person in a sign. Make sure that you keep it in mind when interpreting your charts.

Thomas Ajava writes about Aquarius compatible signs and other astrology and Aquarius topics for AquariusLoveTraits.com.

Article Source: http://www.amazines.com/Spiritual/article_detail.cfm/1500074?articleid=1500074

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