Understanding Hypnosis and the Difference Between the Conscious and the Sub Conscious Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 17, 2013

Understanding hypnosis begins with understanding the difference between the CONSCIOUS mind and the SUB CONSCIOUS mind.

The CONSCIOUS mind operates in that world of things that exist, or that it PERCEIVES to exist. The job of the conscious mind is to act on information it receives from the sub conscious mind and to make sure that information becomes reality and true.

The SUB CONSCIOUS mind, on the other hand, only understands and acts on what it is told. The sub conscious does not care if the information it receives is true or not. It does not make judgments on the validity of the information it receives, nor does it try to distort or change the information in any way. The sub conscious simply accepts information it receives as factual and is the underlying mind engine that feeds and creates the reality of the conscious mind.

When you truly grasp this concept, it's easy to see why many people have so much trouble attaining goals they set for themselves. A person may set a goal of losing 20 pounds of excess weight in time for the summer bathing suit season. This is a CONSCIOUS goal.

But what is likely happening with the SUB CONSCIOUS mind? More times than not, the person is feeding their sub conscious mind with negative thoughts, such as "How many times have I tired to do this with no success?", or... "I'll never be able to lose that much weight by summer!", or similar negative thoughts.

So guess what... it just won't happen. No matter how much you tell yourself consciously that you want to lose the weight, your sub conscious is telling your conscious mind that you can't do it. The conscious mind is driven to make the information it receives from the sub conscious true and real. So the conscious mind does whatever it takes to make the negative information it receives from the sub conscious come true.

So in order to be successful, you have to feed your sub conscious mind positive information instead of negative information. Remember, the sub conscious mind doesn't care if the information it receives is true or not. It accepts as true whatever it is told.

This is how hypnosis can be used to turn negative results into positive results. With hypnotic techniques we can bring about results we want by speaking to the sub conscious mind in terms it understands.

When a subject is placed in a hypnotic trance like state, the conscious mind becomes relaxed. At the same time, the sub conscious becomes more receptive to ideas and suggestions presented to it.

By feeding the sub conscious mind with positive statements while in this hypnotic state, the sub conscious is primed to direct the conscious mind to act on these thoughts after the subject is brought out of the hypnotic state.

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