Understanding Employee Motivation Kpi

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Motivating employees is a necessary step that every business owner should take to succeed. This is because motivation encourages better performance and productivity on the part of employees. And when this happens, the company has nothing to enjoy but benefits and profit. Hence, it is natural for owners, managers, and team leaders to look for ways to improve the morale of their workers. But before doing so, they must understand employee motivation KPI.

Key Performance Indicators, or popularly termed as KPI, are helpful tools that assess the performance of a specific area of the business operation. Take note that a single company may use several KPIs. It must be understood that each area or even department has its respective KPIs. This means that KPIs intended for the Human Resources Department are not applicable to the Finance Department of the business. In the same way, KPIs designed for an employee motivation program should be different from training program. The reason here is that every area or program has its own goals and desired outcome, which are to be measured by these KPIs.

Let us try to focus on employee motivation program. The common goal here is to increase productivity of employees. Therefore, the KPIs should be activities that are able to measure the productivity of the workers. The employee who works the sales department, for example, of the company would have his productivity pegged at the sales that he or she garners for the company.

From another perspective, you might also wonder why motivated employees bring much profit. There are several reasons for this and one of them is the development of a happier working environment. It is a fact that employees with high morale are happy people. In effect, they can influence co-workers to be happy and content individuals as well. This attitude can also be the very thing that can enhance teamwork in the office setting. A positive atmosphere also improves the way employees accommodate their clients. Since they are happier people, they consequently become more patient in dealing with the needs of their customers. In most cases, they can deliver well. By doing so, they increase the chances of the company gaining more profit.

Now the question is: what can be done to boost the employee morale? Giving incentives is the best answer here. Most companies create a so-called incentive program for their workers. Common incentives are in the form of cash, tour packages, bonuses, or gift checks. However, it should not be ignored that there are other ways to motivate employees aside from incentives. All of us need some appreciation, especially for our individual accomplishment. Thus, it pays for the management to show their appreciation to their workers, especially for jobs well done. A commendation can be a good way to express to an employee that the company acknowledges his or her achievement. It is also important for business owners to communicate openly with their workers. They should find out how their employees feel about their work and also determine what their needs are. Implementing employee motivation KPI could help enhance the relationship between employer and employee. Remember that the company could definitely benefit from a good employer-employee relationship.

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