Trust,The Essential for Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 4, 2013

Relationships are the basis of human society. How can you be peaceful if you don't believe your boss will pay your salary regularly. The entire world runs on the trust and belief that everyone will behave properly. But situations arise when you feel losing trust in another person. "How to correct such issues of mistrust" is explained in this article.

We can categorize the people into three groups as:

1) Those who trust and believe blindly without a ray of doubt(faithful type)

2) Those who trust others easily (gullible type)

3) Those that never trust (doubting type)

Quite often we are warned by our elders as not to trust the strangers.Going by the proverb"Too much of anything is good for nothing", you should not take to the extreme positions as"Total trust"or "Mistrust".You need to have a practical and balanced path of "Trusting others when needed"or"Testing the other person if the circumstances point to the possibility of a treason".

Mistrust, if appears when it should not, is bound to affect our relationships with others: that too in personal life, its impact is regressive and irreversible.

The easy ways of dealing with the mistrust and to enhance the quality of our and others lives are listed below.
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1) Assess yourself and become aware of the issue by analyzing the past thoughts and actions. You might be the person who made the mistake of misplacing the trust in a wrong person.

2) Never generalize from the past experiences and treat everyone on the same footing. If one person has cheated you, it is unlikely that everybody will do the same.

3) Learn the positive from the past incidents and experiences by discarding the negative aspects. Instead of feeling let down by another person, try to find out the reasons for the unfortunate happening and take corrective steps to avoid recurrence of the mistrust issue.

4) Trust yourself first by the good deeds and actions done in the past.

5) Never conclude and make judgments on anything based on your opinions alone. Ascertain all the details and analyze before deciding not to believe a person.

6) Discuss your issues with at least two persons who are neutral (trusted) to sort out and get the proper perspective. Because you stand to get fresh and unbiased views which would enable you to settle the issue.

7) Always express your views and expectations and expect the other person to understand.

Therefore be practical and cool-headed to look into all the aspects and circumstances prior to casting impressions about a person and branding him or her as "Unsuitable" or "Unreliable' or "Untrustworthy".

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