Treatments For Addiction

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 1, 2013

Some drug treatment programs work very well while others fall short-why is that? There are several programs available on the market today that an addict can choose from. How is an addict, his friends or family who is concerned about his treatment; know which one to choose? There is an answer that makes sense.

One of these programs is religious based, and uses religious teachings to scare the addict into submission. Religious virtues are used to help the addict start walking the straight and narrow. But why do these programs have a very low success rate? This particular program uses a very narrow view and seduces the client into another addiction-it is religion-and probably one of the most seductive and hardest addictions to overcome. Because the cure and the reward don't come until one has died, and in religion one is expected to endure the suffering. Ironically you cannot leave this program without enduring the effects of religion's addiction. There are clients who have used these programs to break away from their addiction. However many of them have had to break away from the addiction acquired during the process. The addiction is subtle, but it is always in the back of one's mind. Other than television it is the number one addiction in the world today. This program focuses on the soul and is really abstract in nature.

Another program uses drugs to wean the client away from his/her addiction. The one most obvious issue I have with this program is that it teaches the client to use drugs to cure illness. He will carry this thought with him for the rest of his life-the hidden message is it's OK to reach for a drug treatment to cure anything. So it doesn't really matter what your circumstance-there is a drug to repair it. There are some clients who have used this treatment successfully and have managed to erase the buried message that it is OK to use drugs to cure any problem. This program covers the body only, and is completely physical in nature. But there is a better way.

There are others kinds of treatment programs that have varying degrees of success or failure. They all have one thing in common. They lack the combined three elements of a successful program that will bring lasting change and healing.

I am not an expert on drug or alcohol addictions. I am an expert on Holistic Healing; in that I know when you treat the three elements of your existence you create a lasting distance from illness. Addiction is an illness of body, mind, and soul. All three must be treated at the same time.

I own a 16 year old vehicle. I bought it 5 years ago and it only had 71,000 kilometers on it. It now has 240,000. I drive it hard and long. It has never failed me or left me on the side of the road. I have a deal with it. It treats me well and in return I will treat it well and take care of it. If I never drove the car; it would never break down. If I abuse it, it will let me know of its dissatisfaction eventually. Some cars are poorly built and even though care is taken, they still break down. But even then, if they were never drive they would last in original condition with no repairs.

The point I am making here is that repairs on machines and repairs to illness are caused by the same thing. Repairs are thoughts manifested by a mind. It is the mind that abuses the drivability of a car. It is the mind that abuses the body. "Mind" is the common denominator for accidents, repairs, and illness. Keep running your car over nails and you will continue to repair your tires. It is the mind that believes the car can do it without consequence, or it is a death wish. But it is the mind that drives the car. It is the mind that drives the body. Keep feeding it drugs and the body will respond with a very strong message.

Putting new tires on the car will only temporarily resolve the issue. In order for you to correct the resulting flat tires, you must treat the driver; you must know why he makes the choices he does. Why does he move the car through the bed of nails? Likewise if you find the reason for your addiction, you will be able to treat the body effectively. It makes no sense to treat the body only to be cured, to make the same mistakes again. In the process of creating the circumstances of your life; there is a three step process that works-thought, word, and deed.

So, at some level of your consciousness there is reason or purpose for your addiction. It doesn't happen by chance or by accident, because it is the mind that creates it. Many addicts have recovered only to start their lives over again on a completely different path. The addiction facilitated a move to another way of life that the individual may never have imagined or considered. This happens more times than I can count. It's the body's way of getting your attention and it works.

Many people who have experienced adverse conditions in their life and who have turned it around express gratitude for the experience. That may sound sick to some minds, but it is what was needed at the time. If you have every read "A Child Called It" or "A Man Named Dave" by David Pelzer; you will understand. These books chronicle a young boy's early years of abuse by his mother. There has never been another story written of greater child abuse. As an adult, Dave Pelzer has publically stated his gratitude for the experience. It brought him to a place of greater awareness of whom and what he is, and he is now able to talk to people about child abuse. Good holistic treatment always has the same result. It brings people to a turn in the road that is holistic and in harmony with what the soul wishes to experience in its physical lifetime. This is something I have learned from my NLP training. The body can cure itself, if the ego becomes aware of why it is sick or why it has accidents.

Understanding this element of the creative process brings unlimited power to the individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Illness, accidents and even addictions are not natural-they are created in the mind for a purpose.

The most effective treatment programs for any illness include all three elements of the human condition. The Conroy Program is a completely holistic based program and there are several private companies that use it to treat their clients.

Holistic treatments and natural medicines are fast becoming part of the mainstream treatment for all illnesses. It's not just the body-it's the driver that needs treatment. If the driver is not thinking healthy; the body/car will respond erratically. You can never get rid of illness; you simply manifest an experience of illness or no illness in your life. Holistic programs teach patients how to live on the creative side of good health. It is not the end of a life of addiction, but the beginning of a healthy lifestyle. The experience of addiction ends when the addict decides he no longer wishes to create it.

Some drug treatments programs work very well while others fall short-why is that? There are several programs available on the market today that an addict can choose from. How is an addict, his friends or family who is concerned about his treatment; know which one to choose? There is an answer that makes sense.

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