Treatment Programs Followed by Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

Alcohol and drug addiction is a common social problem that has emerged in most frightening way the United States with millions of people being addicted to alcohol and drugs. Majority of alcohol and drug rehab centers in the United States follow various drug rehabilitation programs. Most of these centers concur to the traditional 12-step programbased on spiritual principles that was originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous or AA - an international mutual aid movement founded in 1935. The twelve-step program was first published in the book of “Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How More than One Hundred Men Have Recovered from Alcoholism” in 1939. The method prescribed in the book then became the foundation for other twelve step programs.
The American Psychological Association in brief summarized the treatment process within the 12-step program that includes the process of:
---admitting that one cannot control one’s compulsion or addiction,
---recognizing a higher power that can give strength,
---examining the past errors with the help of a sponsor or experienced members,
---making amends for these errors,
---learning to live new life with a code of behavior,
---helping others who suffer from the same compulsions or addictions.
These guidelines has been highly successful in helping people to stay sober but there are also people who do not like the 12 step process for a variety of reasons that include its spiritual and religious overtones. Therefore, some alcohol and drug rehab programs also include orientation to other programs such as “SMART” that uses the cognitive methods to help stay people sober. Other methods of rehab include “Women for Sobriety” which is a support program especially for women that focus on recovery of women from alcohol and drug addiction.
There are also programs that include treatment for mental disorders that inhibit addiction towards alcohol and drugs. However, no individual alcohol and drug treatment program can guarantee a person that he or she will not relapse and begin drinking or taking to drugs again. Thus, to prevent the persons from relapsing to drug and alcohol once again, people who had undergone drug and alcohol addiction rehab programs are recommended to meet periodically with a counselor or groups. The main purpose of such counseling is to assess how well the concerned person is managing and to offer help in dealing with challenges of daily lives without alcohol or drugs.
Back2Basics is a professionally operated, community-wide supported drug and alcohol treatment program for adults ages 18 and up. Back2Basics promotes health and wellness through daily living of the 12 Steps, in-depth study of Kung Fu and the Internal Arts, Outdoor Adventure and Therapeutic Modalities that deal specifically with those in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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