Treating Mind, Body, and Spirit with Holistic Healing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


The term holistic healing has become very popular in many social circles, but there are a lot of people who don't completely understand the term and what it can do for them. Holistic healing aims to bring balance to your life, and the term "holistic" alone means treating your whole body completely. It's different from modern medicine since it doesn't focus on physical health alone.
Holistic healing involves treatment of both the mind and body of the person. The body, mind, and spirit of a person have a strong connection with each other. In order for one to be whole and well, all parts must be treated as one.
Holistic healing actually complements conventional medicine by healing your mind and spirit as well. Practitioners seek to treat the mind, which deals with mental stress and an individual's mindset. For some people, once the mind is healed, they feel a lot lighter and the body soon follows and becomes healthier. To ensure complete wellness, one must also pay attention to mental wellness.
There are holistic healing methods, like yoga, that can help you relieve stress by helping you to concentrate on your breathing and it also improves the quality of your body. Other methods, like meditation, encourage positive thinking, making you feel a lot lighter and improving overall stamina. Focusing one's mind helps in alleviate stress and provide motivation, further contributing to one's complete wellness.
In most western cultures, people get instant pain relief usually by popping a pill. While it's true that this is an effective way to get rid of pain, there are times when merely swallowing a tablet isn't enough. Let's say that you're suffering from a migraine because you are stressed out from work. Ingesting the pill may help decrease the pain caused by the migraine, but it doesn't get rid of stress. Getting to the very cause of the pain and treating it is part of holistic alternative medicine.
This form of practice also deals with the energy in your body, making sure that this energy works together physically, mentally, and spiritually. This way, holistic healing ensures that your body has a higher tolerance for pain, your mind feels relaxed, and your spirit is always up, ensuring a complete healing process.


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