Traditional Ethics of Business and Its Modern Implementation

Business Ethics and Guidelines as a Concept

Dr. Purushothaman
December 13, 2013

There is no set rule to do business and do it successfully at that. To do something different in business, is like taking a huge risk. People avoid it, even if they are running a successful business venture. The risk factor in any business is high without a doubt, but taking risk, is what business is after all. The main factor behind a good establishment running since long, is the values it carries. Yes, believe it or not, the values and beliefs of a company effects a lot on how the employees react and how they work. If the beliefs are good enough, the company will think of the benefit of the people of the organization. This thing will ultimately effect the working of employees too, in turn effecting the productivity. Thus, the human resource factor of today, plays the most important part in the success of a business.

Many things are done by the human resource manager, to manage and to help the company in providing job satisfaction to the employees. One thing that the human resource department has stumbled upon is, employee self-value. It is said that if you value an undervalued person, that person becomes more confident and loyal to you. Similarly, by giving proper attention and proper value to employee, one can immediately surge the value of the person. One device to boost the association of the company with its employees is, visiting card. The business cards design when done by imbibing the employees name, then the feeling of association of the employee with the company increases. The employee carries his or her name under the company, thats how the employee feels more related to the company. The company gives value to the employees name, in turn attracting positive work attitude and self interest in company interest.

Different formats are adopted to suit the needs of business cards of different industry. Some may want a straight, to the point visiting card for employees, while others may want a more elaborate one. Some business sectors may allow designer cards with different shapes and styles of visiting card, to represent them, while some may go for extraordinary bold colors to make the visiting card more in remembrance to whosoever receives it. The engineers business cards for instance, sports a different design, different than the regular, to give a different feel to it.

As engineers are part designers too, they want their business cards to do their talking. In the same breath, if talking about dentist visiting card design then you may stumble upon a clean white business car, with a cross mark and the dentists name and number printed in bold letters. That is the trend, the trend also states that the more the different card design, the more is its appeal towards them being in notice. If the color is dark and the letters are bold or differently printed, then its a sure thing that people will remember it, no matter what. The ethics of business might have been the same since times and ages, but the trend of following them has surely changed. Kudos to that.

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