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Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

Employers are advised to practice workplace safety training for their employees to ensure that their personal safety is guaranteed at all times. This helps employees to be able to protect themselves against imminent danger. In lots of countries, there are regulatory bodies and laws to establish workplace safety rules and ensure that employers stick to these.

These agencies have come up with laws that employers are supposed to put in place at their place of work in order to protect their employees. It is advisable for these companies to provide their employees with manuals that demonstrate procedures for safety at the place of work. In most cases, the company organizes seminars to educate employees on the set up practices of maintaining their own safety.

There are various places that employees ought to receive training on in order to ensure that their wellbeing is paramount. Lifting is one of the areas of concern that employers ought to take into consideration when training their employees on personal protection. This is because there are various health setbacks associated with lifting and this is largely due to employees not being taught techniques that are useful for lifting.

The most notable body parts that are affected by improper lifting techniques include arms, legs and the back. In most cases, problems caused by improper lifting at the place of work are so severe and do not go away easily. Therefore, there is need of ensuring that employees have acquainted themselves with adequate techniques to prevent themselves from being victims of these health problems.

The other area of concern that employers ought to put into consideration is ensuring that employees perform their duties in spacious areas. This is another sure way of ensuring health & safety in the workplace depending on the type of work being undertaken by employees. In the event that company specializes in fumes and toxic gases, the employer should ensure that the place of work has sufficient air, spacious and employees ought to wear the right type of clothing to prevent them from inhaling unwanted gases.

Injuries are always in the offing at the place of work. Whereas in most cases injuries are small, there are times when injuries can be critical. Therefore, it is necessary for employers to ensure that employees are protected at all time by giving them guidelines on how to avoid injuries in case they are using dangerous tools of work.

Lockout tagout is another regulation that employers should consider implementing. This regulation helps employees not to use a machine while it is not in a usable condition thus exposing them to life-threatening consequences.

It is also important for employers to protect their employees against excessive noise. This is because excessive noise can cause extensive damages on the hearing system of employees in the event that the surrounding environment is excessively noisy. Therefore, in order to ensure safety at the workplace for employees, it is advisable for employers to ensure that noise does not exceed 140 decibels or the use of machinery that will be able to control the intensity of noise.

Therefore, it is necessary for the respective agencies mandated with protecting the welfare of employees to conduct impromptu inspection tours. This helps to ensure that employers are taking the welfare of their employees into consideration. Several laws have been set up for various types of industries and employers suffer heavy penalties if they fail to implement the laws to the letter.
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