To Be Forgiven,A Courage Is Always Needed

how to become flexible in life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013

Drops below a certain group is always sad. This happens when you have different opinions, not satisfied and thought. Before blaming others, you should also look at your behavior. There are very few people in this world who really accept own mistake, I do not know anyone who really does. You might think that this man declared his approval of an error, but does not get it. Have you ever received the error?
I can say that never made mistakes, which takes a completely different story. It would be very hypothetical answer. No one in this world who never made a mistake. Yes, this is my response to those who want to know, that I accept my mistake in front of others? Believe me it is very difficult to accept that a mistake in front of people you really care. It takes more courage to speak the truth and accept their mistake. I remember the time I felt so embarrassed in front of your friends. We were all pan of ice water, to enjoy our stay here at the college classes bunking. While we have a playground, I realized my neighbor's family in the park. I told my friends about it and instead support me, started yelling my name. I know that I said it, but I could not resist.
One of them was great fun, they're really close to my neighbors and told them that I love the water park. I lost my patience laughed, while others went and started hitting his friend. At first everyone thought it was an easy battle, but I'm really blowing. I mixed the whole atmosphere and we all left the station immediately. I do not even mind the wait. I stopped the bus by train from Panvel. Two days later, a picturesque city on the incident was fresh in his mind. I expected my parents to ask questions instead of college KARNAL company. But even after seven days, there was nothing. My neighbor does not feel even tell my mother about it. Just then I felt my bad behavior. Before a friend comes to me and apologized, but even more offensive. All these things made me feel very bad, and I thought it would be better to ask forgiveness than the same period.
Again, plan a picnic at the station with my club Pancard clubs investments. That it was free me, I asked all members to join them, and said that he would bear the cost. The second man refused to go at first, but after much persuasion and tortured time my job I'm sorry, I've come to the party. Only then I realized that it is very easy to break all ties, but very hard to improve. I could not even look in his eyes, apologize.
Therefore it is better to avoid such circumstances, and if you ever have courage to accept their mistake.

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