Tips to Healthy Living: Start Living Healthily

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy living. But, what are you doing to help your body to enjoy a healthy existence? Research informs us that to live longer, you do not need to go on dieting. Just following some simple habits would help you do it. Here are a few habits which would help you stay fit for a long time.

1. Do not retire:

Surveys show that those who stop working all of a sudden, become easy victims of obesity and other related troubles. When you retire from your job, try to remain active doing something you love.

2. Cultivate the habit of flossing every day:

Experts say that flossing on a daily basis is a great way to save your mouth from harmful bacteria. Medical science believes that these are the bacteria that enter into the blood and cause inflammation in the veins. Experts are of the view that people who do not floss on a regular basis are easy victims of heart diseases because the bacteria present in the mouth causes hardening of arteries, leading to heart diseases.

3. Physical activity:

If you wish to remain healthy you have no other option, but to get moving. It is a scientifically proven fact that exercise lifts one’s mood, builds muscles and increases balance. However, you do not have to be a regular visitor to the gym to give your body the exercise it requires. Just strolling in the neighborhood for a few minutes, if done regularly would do wonders. If you are not used to doing exercises like resistance training, then attending yoga classes can be of great help. Many books about healthy living can help you in the same.

4. Have a fiber-rich meal for your breakfast:

Studies done in the field of health and fitness show, that having a fiber-rich breakfast helps the body to maintain the normal level of blood sugar throughout the day. Diabetes, they believe is one among the diseases which speeds up the process of aging.

5. Have at least six hours of sleep:

Medical science strongly warns us, reducing the time of sleeping to add a few more hours to your working time may prove disastrous for your body. If you are a person above the age of fifty, having a sleep for a minimum six hours is a must-have to ensure that your body gets the rest it requires. Do not forget, sleep is the time which helps the body to take care of the maintenance activities like healing the cells.

6. Stay away from supplements and have whole foods instead:

This is often-repeated advice. However, its importance can never be ignored. Experts are of the view that those who have high levels of certain nutrients like selenium and beta-carotene age slowly. And, no study suggests that supplements are capable of giving the body what it acquires from the regular intake of whole foods.

7. Live like a seventh-day Adventist:

In the US, people who call themselves seventh-day Adventists live on a principle of loving their body. They abstain from alcohol; smoking and all other habits which they believe would create trouble for the body. According to studies, a Seventh - day Adventists life span is eight-nine years, ten years more than the general average.

Reading eBooks about health and fitness too would be of great help in the matter.

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