Tips to go down the road to assertiveness

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

There are generally three sorts of behavioral patterns that people tend to go after.
These are assertive which the middle of the scale and the best is and on the other two sides of the scale you have passive, submissive or non-assertive manners and aggressive actions.

Nobody of us can go on to adopt a positively assertive behavior everyday.
Existence is simply not made that way. Therefore, even if we are assertive most of the times it will be fine for us. Out of all the three types of behavior passive is the most risky as you'll be considered to be inferior and taken benefit of.

People who are passive will tolerate others to walk all over them and they will not be ready to say their wishes and wants or also their opinions and views. They are the class of people who are most likely being jammed in a win-lose position whereby they end up receiving the short end of the stick.

On the other hand, people who are aggressive are also at a loss as they're just direct and upfront in an extremely rude and harsh manner. Although, people do say that being aggressive in certain situations just like in the case of salesmen!

· Project and imagine constructive thoughts and happenings. As you feel down in the dumps sit down and count your blessings.
· Enhance your stress tolerance threshold so that things don't get to you directly.
· Adopt a self-fulfilling prophecy mode. This means that you speak to yourself regularly and let yourself know that you are going to be able to achieve what you set out to get. This could be your first step towards turning more assertive and getting the most out of life. Also when you visualize your assertive self you will be in a far better position to actually get about getting at it.

Decisiveness and its effect on assertiveness:

First of all, determine if you're very decisive and hence unhappy with any indecision or moderately decisive and hence consider well-known as well as unfamiliar information previous to deciding or totally indecisive and incapable of making up your mind.

Assertiveness is connected with being moderately decisive. This will help you to take the right decisions and find the perfect solution for yourself under any circumstance.

Put your best foot forward:

Determine your behavioral pattern and match it with the circumstances on hand.
Pick a role model/s who demonstrates the assertive skills that you would love to have. Study their styles but ultimately modify them to fit your purpose.

In case of criticism coming your way the initial step is to listen carefully. Then challenge the criticism based on the knowledge, skill, and expertise of the person. To finish ask for developmental solutions to help you get ahead.

Therefore, armed with these methods go right ahead and make yourself be seen and noticed by the right people. Surely, assertiveness will allow you to progress down the road to victory.



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