Tips to follow the flow of life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Understand that nothing is under your control
2. Take control of the things which are under our control. You can wake up early, read more and so on
3. Calm yourself if you feel you are irritated
4. When things do not work your way, stay calm
5. Meditate when you are irritated
6. Never allow anything to affect you badly
7. If you are frustrated it is you who is going to be affected and no one else
8. Stay calm and react less that should be your policy
9. Move according to the flow of life
10. When you move according to the flow, gain more energy and vigor to show your best
11. Learn new skills on the go
12. Never lose an opportunity to be happy
13. Enjoy every moment of your life
14. Be thankful to God
15. Pray regularly
16. Never go around controlling others
17. Never feel sad when you fail
18. Failure happens but understand life must go on
19. Take life as it comes
20. Success or failure may come but never let anything affect you or others
21. We are not perfect so are others. Never expect others to be perfect and accept anyone as they are.
22. Life moves on and so are we. Move according to the flow of life with a calm and coo attitude
23. Accept reality

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