Tips To Change The Behavior Of Your Children

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

Every person has needs they need, meet each day regardless of age. For an adult there are essential requirements such as nutrition, sleep and exercise. There are even several other needs which are generated by the people themselves such as a need for enjoyment, mourning and relaxation. When you will be able to get what you need each day you normally feel better about yourself and work amazingly with other people. When you do not get your desires met, you can get frustrated and easily take your frustrations out on others with a negative attitude. When looking at children’s unpleasant behavior, it would be wise to look into how these requirements are transferred to the child’s view.

For infants or toddlers the challenge of meeting their desires usually falls to the parent as these youths have no or very limited verbal skills. Many parents including myself have been lost trying to explore why a child is crying or acting in a way that could be described as kids bad behavior. It is significant to note that these kids are not acting bad but are simply acting in the same way an adult would when their desires are not being met. Parents can expand on their options for decreasing what should be considered bad behavior by employing techniques like “the guessing game” or the “let’s make a trade.”

One more method to improve upon what some parents will identify as children bad behavior can be seen with changing the environment. Often removing difficulties in the household will be as simple as locking a garage door, securing chemical cabinets or purchasing indestructible plates. Concerns you may have or factors which might trouble you can be eradicated and removed from your concern. This is normally simpler to achieve than to fight every day in order to modify the behavior of your kid. Effectively you are taking on the intellectual procedure of picking your own battles.

As a child gets older demands become easier to identify since they now have the capability to tell you what they wish. It is important to note that immediately saying no to any request that is developed will only breed resentment and encourage children bad behavior. Like adults who hold a negative approach while their needs are not met, children often mimic this performance which is only compounded on when the parent is in a bad mood. Make an attempt to differentiate the difference between what is required and what is wanted. This will assist the child in understanding what is needed and may enhance behavior in the long term.

I know my home was enhanced when I started to hold the lessons of need and how a kid's reaction is similar to adults.
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