Tips on how to live a healthy active life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Over the years we have seen books and articles written about fitness, health, exercise and diet, and many Americans are well aware of the issue, one question comes to mind, how many of these people take action?
Well the answer is shocking, only few of them take action toward a health active life, and that's according to the recent statistics, about 34 percent of adult Americans are overweight and around 20 percent are obese.

In 1996, the U.S. Surgeon General issued a very serious report saying that the inactivity kills around a quarter of a million Americans every year which is by the way more than the automobile accidents, shootings together. The outcome of the inactivity is very shocking over the year of a person lifetime. These days' airlines are required to carry seat -belt-extenders, some stadiums and theaters are installing 24-inch seats and lot of other examples.
America is not the only place with obesity, according to Marks and Spencer, which is the biggest clothing retail store in Britain, the size of average Englishwoman is now 16 as comparing to the size in 1950 which was 12. Women have been adding inches over the years their waistlines and hips. All that because of the inactive life and the fast food. According to many studies exercise and diet, are the only solution and permanent way to get the weight under control.
With the baby boom, the cases of high blood pressure, heart disease, and types of cancer that have been all linked to obesity. Boomer women also are coping with issues ranging from late-life pregnancy and menopause to the specter of osteoporosis. Doctors now are recommending exercise to all women because it is the key to easier pregnancy, quicker postpartum recuperation, milder menopause, and escape from osteoporosis. It is well known that people who are active, lean, fit, and flexible live longer and get more out of the it.

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