Tips In Making A Good Employee Motivation Questionnaire

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Motivation is as equally important to success as talent or personal qualities. With an employee motivation questionnaire, you can gain insight to the factors that motivates each of your employees so you can boost their performance and help them maximize their potential. You can use an employee motivation questionnaire for staff members at all levels.

An employee motivation questionnaire is a tool to measure the motivation of a worker, giving the management a broad understanding of what factors fuel motivation as well as reduce it. It can also help in identifying how long an employee will keep his efforts and what situations will drive him so. By asking your staff to complete an employee motivation questionnaire, you can become better equipped to develop strategies to lower staff turnover.

There are many services that can help you design an employee motivation questionnaire tailored specifically for your company but you can also do this on your own with the following guidelines:

First, ask questions to find out how well your employees understand the vision, mission, goals and priorities of the company. If they do not have a full understanding of the company’s goal then it would be difficult to inspire them towards it.

An employee motivation questionnaire should also ask about the difficult situations that workers are dealing with at work and at home that may reduce their motivation so they can be addressed, at least on the company’s end.

Of course, an employee motivation questionnaire should ask employees what motivates them and there is a range of possible answers to this question ranging from financial incentives, fringe benefits, job security, recognition, sense of achievement, competition, and so many others. And it is precisely for this reason of varying motivational factors that you need to pinpoint what drives each person to perform well at work.

Other factors that you should consider in creating an employee motivation questionnaire include recent events or changes within the company that are likely to affect the morale of employees whether positive or negative such layoffs, resignations, loss of a client account or, on the positive side, too, mass hiring or company expansion. Gather information about how employees feel with about such developments.

In addition, try to find out the general feeling of employees towards the company. Do they feel that the company values them and is empowering them? Can they say that the company takes great care of their employees? Or do they feel used, unappreciated and expendable?

Aside from finding out the level of employee motivation and who exactly are motivated to perform, an employee motivation questionnaire can also help you find out what specific activities or duties an employee is very motivated about. These duties are what they spend most of their energy on at work. You can then check whether they are motivated or giving their best on tasks consistent with the company’s top priorities.

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