Tips for recovering from Alcohol Addiction

Dr. Purushothaman
September 3, 2013

Not only there is a need of recovering from alcohol addiction, but also not to fall again into a relapse of alcohol. There are some general tips for people who want to recover from alcohol addiction.

1) Accept the situation or the issue

Alcoholics first need to accept that they are powerless against the addiction of alcohol. Accepting the situation helps them to further introspect on what they can do more to get rid of the addiction and welcome new solutions to the issue.

2) Look for better alternatives to alcohol

There are many good and better alternatives to alcohol like gardening, learning songs or dance, making a new hobby, meditation etc. Putting attention away from alcohol helps the mind to stay away from remembering alcohol.

3) Talk to a doctor or a therapist

A therapist can ascertain whether an addicted person of alcohol needs some treatment in the form of therapy or some other psychological treatment. A therapist can suggest various exercises to try at home for the addicted person instead of getting him admitted, if his issue is small.

4) Take help from friends and family

5) Think positive and have faith in own self.

6) Be determined and committed to remove addiction.

A Person should remain determined to take himself away from alcohol addiction. He should avoid unnecessary attractions that lead him to alcohol or refrain from thinking about alcohol. He should leave the place, which reminds him of alcohol.

7) Give it some time. It is not an immediate process.

8) Be with positive and inspirational people.

9) Avoid alcoholic people who can make you wish for alcohol.

10) Go out and exercise in fresh air or hit the gym.

11) Eat the right diet and make some improvement in eating habits.

12) Join any local alcohol anonymous support group.

There are many people who have tried to leave alcohol and have succeeded. Joining a group of similar minded people can give inspiration and support.

13) Do some social volunteering service.

14) Do regular Meditation.

15) Set periodic goals for removal of alcoholic addiction.

16) Ask therapists for avoiding a relapse treatment

17) Forgive all people and oneself for past mistakes.

18) Get into an intense activity if the urge to drink arises.

19) Adopt a nice pet like a cat or a dog

20) Start learning new things.

21) Write a journal everyday based on current success and efforts taken.

22) Start reading inspirational books.

23) Go for trekking in nature

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