Tips For Choosing A Career

Dr. Purushothaman
October 9, 2013

Choosing a career is probably one of the most important decisions of a lifetime. Whether you are fresh out of school or in college or enrolled in online degree, it is vitally important that you seriously consider your personality and interests before making career decisions.

Choosing a career is a vital decision all of us have to take. Utmost care has to be taken while choosing a career because once you have chosen a career, It is very difficult to take backtrack or take a u-turn. Before you take this one major decision, there are so many things that you have to consider.

Plan your career as early as possible. Planning early, you will be on the right track once you in college. This means to say that you should start planning while you are at the high school. Once you have the right frame of mind, you can pursue a program that will lead you to your desired career path.

Even if you have not decided on the career path you want to take, once at college you will be able to get an idea of what career will suit you. It is here that you get exposed to new people, new avenues, and new opportunities. You can make full use of the college environment as testing ground of your skills and talents and decide accordingly on the career path of your choice. Also try to make contacts as many contacts as possible. You can also make full use of the college counseling center to decide on a career path.

Before deciding for a career, do not look out for jobs. In other words, job opportunities should not influence your decision in choosing a career. It is the line of work on which you must decide and not the job opportunities. If you chose a career, keeping in mind the job avenues, you may end up taking the wrong decision. And when you have realized your folly, it will be too late to reverse the decision. A career is should be completely independent of any company or corporation. Jobs will automatically come to you once you have completed your career course. So you need not worry about jobs while choosing a career.

One important thing you must do before deciding your career is assessing yourself. Perhaps you can take a piece of paper jot down some questions - Who am I already?; What would I like to be better at than anyone else?; Is there something in the world that I believe needs to be done? These questions will get you thinking and will allow you to articulate your thoughts. As you write your answers down, you are committing yourself to considering these questions. These questions help to find out more about yourself, your commitment, your confidence level to take on a challenge.

You can also take up career tests that are available at on-campus career centers. You can discuss the result with the counselor and perhaps he/ she will offer you useful tips.

If all these do not suffice, you can also take professional help from outside your college. There are numerous career-counseling centers and better still, you can visit the portals offering career counseling. Here you will find expert career advice and you can also take up career tests.


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