Tips For Achieving Any Goals With Subconscious Mind Power

tips for reaching goals

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

Accomplishing any goal that really means something to you is never straight forward.

It's quite often the case that we plan to do something or have a goal in our life but for some reason or another we just cannot reach it and then often give up.

When dealing with failure, most people believe that there are just some things that they have no control over.

However, in reality the problem is a lack of congruence.

You can consciously yearn and desire something and plan to achieve it, but if your subconscious mind is not working with you, it is very difficult to succeed.

Your desires and your subconscious mind have to be working in harmony with each other.

Your subconscious mind controls is without doubt the most powerful part of the brain. It controls between 96% to 98% of your emotions, perceptions and behaviors, and is the power centre of our actions

In order to tap into this subconscious mind power, you really have to turn wants and dreams into powerful decisions. In other words, they will be powered by expectations as real as the expectation that if you jump, gravity will pull you back down to earth.

The hard part is tapping into this power of the mind. Essentially, what you are trying to do is convince the subconscious part of your mind that your goals are crucial. There are three main ways to do this sort of mind training.

They include:

· Repetition,
· Visualization,
· Emotions.

Repetition in Developing Sub Conscious Mind Power

The first key to subconscious mind power is repetition. Repetition is the most basic form of mind control. It has incredible power to promote learning and change our thinking. Repeating an action time and time again will very soon become automatic to us. Repeatedly thinking or affirming your goals will create a new belief system in your subconscious mind. Think and affirm your desires when you wake in the morning and as you fall asleep at night and soon you start realizing all your wildest dreams

Subconscious Mind Power and Visualization

Making strong visualizations is also easy. Visualizing your goals is basically thinking about what it will be like after you have accomplished your goal. You have to really delve into what your life will be like after achieving the goals. Create a whole reality in your mind, including things you will see, hear, and feel. Your subconscious mind power thrives on details, so try to incorporate as many sensations as you possibly can.

Increase Sub Conscious Mind Power Through Powerful Emotion

Incorporating emotions is the last step, and it is similar to the visualization part. You need to act and feel like you would if you had already achieved your goals. It is weird to do so at first, because your conscious mind will try to say otherwise, but it becomes easy with practice.

The more you practice using your subconscious mind power, the more control you will have over your destiny. You will be able to achieve anything you set out to do, and you will enjoy the process. Don't underestimate your unconscious mind, as it can make a huge difference in your reality. This is all possible with subconscious mind power.

By: Robert N Jones

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Life can seem a continuous uphill struggle. It may seem that everything you do is way too difficult and always inevitably ends in failure. There is one reason for this and it all stems from you. Get your life back on track and truly take control of your destiny through discovering your incredible subconscious mind power .

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