Through Writing Children Can Improve Their Aptitude

Dr. Purushothaman
September 27, 2013

Many people will question that how writing is related to the improvement of a child’s aptitude. Well it is correct that it enhances childrens’ talents. After many studies it has been found that hand writing activities greatly improve a child's ability to both learn to read. The practice of writing gives increases good ability to capture word meanings, better word recognition better reading fluency, better phonics skills, and better background knowledge. Writing is the result of thoughts that are expressed in written form”. Human beings do not only express their thoughts with verbal words, they also have got the quality to express their feelings through speech and writings.

This quality makes us different from any other creature and our rational thinking helps us to express our inner feelings. By expressing the thoughts people get relief to the mind because it reduces our stress. Writing is not any new concept. It is practice by the human being from the third Millennium BC during the period of Indus Valley Civilization. India also has witnessed the second period in the history of writing and it gave rise to the third century BC. The inscription of the time of Ashoka is one of the earliest recognizable written documents.

Earlier people used to think that it is only the formal grammar that improves the ability to write in a child. This is the reason why children were taught grammatical analysis so as to improve their writing skill. Later, educational researchers found out that the study of English grammar had a slight effect upon the improvement of a child’s writing in the early part of the five secondary schools." Various other studies also proved that grammar teaching has no or less effect on the improvement process of childrens’ writing. Effective writing skills are not only required for academics but is also an important asset which every person does not have.

Parents should read with children to improve and correct their spellings and pronunciation, where they are wrong. It also increases their interest in reading and writing. Teachers also should take a good care of the children in this matter. Their writing skills can be improved if they are given the task to write something of hundred words every day. They should also be taught to proofread their own written work. This helps them to find their mistakes. Children should never be discouraged for their writing, even if they are not very good writers because it stops them from writing further. As per research, games regarding writing own sentences should be organized to sow the seed of writing in them. They should also be encouraged to take part in various essay writing competitions that are organized in schools.

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